No, No They Are Not Cursed By God!!

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -We are again sounding a caveat that there must be no stone unturned in the continued campaign against HIV/AIDS in the country.

Against this backdrop, we should do away with utterances and comments that have the propensity to stigmatize those living with the virus. Our incessant guidance is based continued observations that stigmatization and discrimination against people living with the virus continues to be a major impediment to the fight against the disease in the country. We believe that most people, if not all who are tested positive, will not openly declare their status once people living with HIV/AIDS continue to be stigmatized and ostracized. Candidly, the fight against HIV/AIDS will not achieve its desired objectives once those living with the virus continued to be stigmatized and ostracized.

In the same token, it is very important that we also help the pointless debate concerning where, when and how people get the disease and also we must dispel religious perception that people living with HIV/AIDS are cursed by God. No, no they are not cured from God!! We again encourage our religious leaders to also help take the campaign against HIV/AIDS very seriously and that they must discourage utterances and comments that have propensity to stigmatize those living with the virus. Like the campaign against the crippling Polio Disease in our country, we think by showing compassion and love for HIV/AIDS victims, the fight against the disease will also be successful.
To this end, we again caution those who are in habit of stigmatizing and ostracizing HIV/AIDS victims to stop or else THE campaign against the disease will be unattainable.


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