Some of those arrested for illegal waste disposal Some of those arrested for illegal waste disposal

12 Arrested For Illegal Waste Disposal

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The robust security team of the Paynesville City Corporation late Monday night arrested twelve residents of the Paynesville City Corporation who were caught illegally throwing waste in the city, in violation of the City Ordinance Law, said City Mayor Palm Belcher Taylor.

Addressing a news conference on Tuesday, January 5, 2021 Mayor Taylor termed the action by her own residents as unacceptable and warned others to desist immediately or face the full weight of the law. She told reporters that their latest action is, among other things, intended to further clean the city and make it very green and to as well serve as a deterrence to would be violators. According to her, the beautification of the City of Paynesville is the collective responsibility of all citizens and residents, and therefore, she encouraged them to help in the process of making the city clean and green.

Among those arrested, who are now behind bars awaiting to be forwarded for additional action, are older men and women most of whom are in their early and late thirties and forties respectively. Madam Taylor stated that their security team will continue to remain proactive in order to bring to book would be perpetrators thereby putting the current fine of a violator at $USD100.000. Moreover, she also cautioned those who normally light fire and throw it in the garbage to also desist from such ugly and unhygienic attitude. At the same time, she warned those who are normally seen using the children park in Paynesville City as a photo studio to also desist from such practice.

She said over the period people undressed themselves, hired photographers and take photos while the children are seen playing, this she added, was wrong and should be abolished. “ The park is for our children and they should benefit   From it to the fullest,” she emphasized. “Over the years proper waste disposal has been a challenge to the City Council, but with the intervention of the Mayor and her team to help address the situation to some extent, it has been reduced. However, more need to be done,’’ added one of the residents. Meanwhile, it is still unclear if the twelve violators will spend another night behind bars or if they pay the fines, they will be released to go and sin no more.


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