Resurrecting Our Caution

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -From our vantage point, we are again sounding a caveat to those who usually use candles, lanterns and other materials that cause fire outbreak to be very mindful how they use them.

Our renewed caveat is based on the multiplying fire incidents in the country, particularly in Monrovia and its environs, which have been largely attributed to the use of these burning materials. The heedless use of these materials had and continues to take away more precious lives, something that has again claimed our attention. We are afraid that more and more precious lives would be taken away once care is not taken in the use of candles, lanterns and other burning materials. This is why we are once more pleading with the users of candles, lanterns and etc. that they must be watchful whenever they are using these burning materials or else we will continue to witness the destruction of lives and properties. It is hoped that our renewed caveat would be heeded not only for the safety of those who use these materials, but also others who do not use them.

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