Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill speaking to journalists yesterday Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill speaking to journalists yesterday

President Weah Will Not Run For Third Term - Minister McGill vows, Wants Liberians Vote for Referendum Collectively

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - “The pending referendum is for the people and not a political issue, so let’s vote for it collectively,” said the Minister of State for Presidential Affairs Nathaniel McGill.

Speaking to scores of journalists at the Cecil B. Dennis Conference Hall at the Foreign Affairs Ministry on Monday, November 23, 2020, Minister McGill urged members of the opposition community and Liberians in general to join the total “Yes Campaign” to all of the propositions in the best interest of the people and the society at large. According to him, the President of Liberia has endorsed the referendum because he has the people of Liberia and the country at heart. “ To be a sitting President and called for the reduction of your tenure, this speaks volume about the love and nationalism as well as patriotism the Liberian leader has for his people,” he added.

Speaking further, he asserted that only  “selfish and greedy politicians” will campaign against the propositions, especially for reducing their tenures, stating : “However, I am certain that they will all join the Yes Campaign.” Providing clarity relative to rumors including debates in the political corridors linking President Weah to allegedly seeking a third term in office, Minister McGill re-echoed that “Dr. Weah is and will not seek a third term in office, take my word to the bank.”

At the same time, the ministry of state for presidential minister has called on the opposition not to celebrate any victory, because according to him, the Supreme Court’s ruling was very clear that the referendum will go uninterrupted as planed and scheduled and in line with the Constitution of Liberia. He said two of the three counts raised by the opposition at the Supreme Court to include the postponement of the referendum due to limited time and inadequate publicity to effectively and robustly educate the people about the propositions were all denied by the High Court.

However, he said the joining of all of the propositions on a particular ballot paper was overturned by the supreme court, and therefore, the Court ordered the National Elections Commission(NEC) to go ahead with the printing of the ballot papers but said must be done on separate papers in line with the laws on the books. Currently, the NEC has disclosed plans and readiness for the printing of the ballot papers in line with the constitution and order by the Supreme Court of Liberia. Meanwhile, among the other propositions, which the government ,including the President of Liberia have so far endorsed and are encouraging Liberians to vote yes to are: The reduction in the tenure of the Presidency from six to five years,

the reduction in the tenure of Senators from nine to seven years and Representatives from six to five years. Others are the change of the elections date from the second Tuesday in October (Rainy Season)to the second Tuesday in November (Dry Season) as well as Dual Citizenship for native born Liberians among others.


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