FLY Secretary General Mr. Amos Koryor FLY Secretary General Mr. Amos Koryor

‘Liberians Are At War Economically’ -Says FLY of Shortage of Liberian Banknotes

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - The Secretary General of the Federation of Liberian Youth (FLY), Mr. Koryor, has described as economic war, the people of Liberia are currently undergoing.

According to Mr. Koryor, the current depreciation of the country’s legal tender (Liberian Dollars) has now created more hardships for the ordinary people. He pointed out that when there are limited and in more instances mutilated banknotes in circulation as well as downward movement of the country’s currency from 200 to 150 without reduction in basic commodities, then the ordinary people are in serious economic war. He said it is time that a direct signal be sent to the relevant authorities to ensure that the right things are done urgently. The FLY SG named scare opportunities for the people, unemployment, untold hardships and many others as current issues that should be addressed now.

“ Let the Ministries of Finance and Development Planning, Commerce and Industry and the Central Bank of Liberia see the need to address the issues now because the people are really at war economically,” Koryor emphasized. However, Koryopr stated that in addressing the situation, it should be evidence base and data driven. Speaking to reporters at a news conference on Monday, November 16, 2020, Korkor also frowned at the alleged failure of the government, mainly the Ministry of Youth and Sports to popularize the national youth document, which was signed and validated in 2019.

He named the alleged inadequate investment in youth development and empowerment initiatives by the government as issues still affecting the youthful and dominant population of Liberia. But in a move to address the issue, the youth umbrella body has embarked on a policy advocacy project titled: The Youth Policy and Implementation Framework. He mentioned that the project intends to provide statistical data on government support on different youth initiatives through the national budget and to also ensure that youth led- organizations are aware about the respective targets within the document. He then encouraged the Youth and Sports Ministry to see the need to make accessible the national youth document for the benefit of the society.


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