MOVEE Chairman Mr. Dan T. Saryee MOVEE Chairman Mr. Dan T. Saryee

Assume Leadership Now Or Else…MOVEE Chairman Urges President Weah

MONROVIA,LIBERIA- The National Chairman of the opposition Movement of Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Mr. Dan T. Saryee, has called on the Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC)-led Government headed by President George Manneh Weah to assume leadership and do so now.

According to Chairman Saryee, it is disturbing that President Weah will continue to remain what he called silent on “cogent life and death issues, while the country is sliding into obvious flames”. “The President must do so to restore hope to the political community that is rapidly becoming hopeless. The current economic and political atmosphere demands that the President unshackles himself from the pool of alligators that may have kept him masked and assume effective leadership of the country,” the MOVEE chairman asserted.

The opposition politician was speaking recently at his party-MOVEE’s Headquarters in Paynesville, outside during the official launch of the MOVEE Rebranding Agenda for Political Leadership and Governance in Liberia. MOVEE is a member of the opposition Rainbow Alliance (RA). The RA includes Victory for Change Party (VCP), Vision for Liberia Transformation (VOLT), Democratic Justice Party (DJP), Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC), the Union for Liberian Democrats (ULD), the True Wing Party (TWP) and MOVEE itself. It can be recalled that a fortnight ago, the National Elections Commission (NEC) officially certificated the RA to operate as a political Party in the country.

Speaking further, Saryee, the immediate former managing director for Technical Services at the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation(LWSC) in the CDC-led government, averred that the country is under what he referred to as a “ political and economic stress”. He resigned his post on November 18, 2019 amid growing internal rifts, and protests by employees of the agency for improved working conditions. “Our people are confronted with daunting inconceivable economic circumstances. A heavily resource endowed country continues to experience unprecedented economic and political uncertainties,” he accentuated.

The former government warned that there is a rapid deterioration of public trust along multiple lines and this could translate into a breakdown of order if the appropriate leadership is not deployed to avert the situation. The MOVEE chairman continued: “Law and order as well as personal and social security of Liberians has crumbled in the open glare of the CDC administration – leaving citizens at the behest of criminal gangs who seemingly enjoy official protection in their arbitrary dealings and strange styles of governance. Today, in the world of the CDC administration, one can only be sure of keeping his or her job unless you wear a “red or blue beret” – a phenomenon that is tantamount to conscript professional experts into partisanship. As a result, citizens have been placed in a coercive mode along varying lines thus eroding the personal esteem of Liberians. From the look of things, the country’s direction continues to be beclouded with obvious fears thus threatening public trust in personal security, social wellbeing and economic security.”

He reminded the leadership of the Rainbow Allianceand leaders of other opposition political parties that Liberia has suffered long years of leadership letdown. “We have tested all shades of the country’s political demographics with the present being led by an indigenous son. The Legislature is about 99% country boys and a few women yet our wolf offer no hope in sight. Today, most of the laws that are enacted particularly those that concerned fiscal expenditure are designed to give the legislators official access to lot our coffers. Many of their private schools, clinics and hospitals are used to milk the country’s coffer. They make policies that gave no job security and economic protection to their own indigenous brothers who work for them in the legislature. The truth is, we are our own problem,” he, among other things, added.

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