Dillon: A Patriotic Note of Caution “Beware the Ides of March: Not All ‘Hosanna’

When then East Timorese pro-independence leader - José Alexandre "Kay RalaXanana" Gusmão told his countrymen and women that not all those who lead a revolution – make good leaders, he spoke from an informed perspective. Although the mass of the people impressed upon him to still lead, he did so reluctantly and for one term.

The West African state of Liberia has come to witness variously the emergence of – heroes and heroines; whether it was former Representative D. Twe, MOJA’s Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh, Dr. Amos Sawyer or Dr. H. Boima Fahnbulleh, Jr.; and PAL’s Gabriel Baccus Mathews, Oscar Quiah or Marcus Dahn. 1980, we saw Samuel Doe and non-commissioned colleagues seized powered. The quest for a return to civilian rule produced Jackson Doe, Tuan Wureh, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Dr. Edward Binyah Kesselly, William Gabriel Kpolleh et al.  
On December 24, 1989 amid little or no experience of the coloration of the act of war – Charles Taylor – who had mysteriously evaporated a maximum security prison in North America turned out to be a hero in a war that decimated a quarter of a million Liberians. When West African negotiators sought to force him down our throats – be became winner of the 1997 elections amid ‘you kill my ma, you kill my pa – we will vote for you. His departure was disgraceful although he’s still celebrated by his faithfuls.
Ahead of the 2005 cum post-Accra Comprehensive Peace Accord, Liberians particularly in the United States started to brainstorm a potential post-conflict and quite suitable or less blemished but popular leader. In their blinded miscalculation – they found favor with former World Best Footballer of the Year, George Manneh Weah. For the most part, their considerations were aligned with athletic popularity, Weah’s selective generosity while ignoring all its takes to demonstrate and exemplify leadership. Our compatriots were prepared to go all out to experiment with power despite Weah’s poor captaincy and divisive handling of the national team, the Lone Star as coach-player and captain.
In 2017, Liberians took for granted Weah’s slow-witted performance as senator of Montserrado County and owing to a singular senatorial record of ‘Zuma-playing’ – rewarded him the highest office in the land as conditioned by: “The boy loves the country.” Barely three years into Weah’s six-year tenure, all Liberians, including his supporters can account for is self-aggrandizement by a greedy hunter. At the expense of Weah’s ineptitude and misrule let alone bad governance  – Abe Darius Dillon rose to the challenge. Mind you, Dillon was a vocal critic during the reign of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Abe Dillon mercilessly beat the ruling CDC at the ballot box in 2019 and made 2020 midterm special senatorial elections a disastrous outcome for the ruling establishment despite running a lavished campaign - securing 206,368 against Thomas Fallah’s 120, 405 votes. On the heels of Dillon’s latest sweeping victory – the touting for a Abe Darius Dillon’s presidency seems to be on the horizon. Our patriotic call is not to say Dillon is unfit to be President. In just 12 months, Dillon has turned the Upper House into precisely what the First Branch of government must befittingly encapsulate.

Those on Capitol Hill are elected by the people and should not serve at the whims and caprices of the President. They have a duty to keep in check whatever the excesses of the ‘Executive or Imperial Presidency.’ Dillon will effectively represent the genuine interest of the good people of Montserrado County at the senate. Our duty is to encourage as many patriotic Liberians as possible to seek the people’s mandate in order to soberly, responsibly and selflessly articulate their interest at the Capitol.
We need and deserve better as well as patriotic leaders at the Senate and Lower House – whose only mandate will be to put the country First. Let no amount of obsession or newfound ‘Hosanna’ compel senator-elect – Abe Darius Dillon to catapult such instinct. Dillon is known for telling it as it and we expect he would face the underpinning reality with valor unpretending. When our people begin to look up to our legislators and hold them accountable – they in turn will ensure that the President – whoever that would be does not bully his/her way as it were. We will undoubtedly feel and experience Dillon’s commitment to good governance and service on Capitol Hill.

Let us not begin any kind of ‘horray-horray burst trouser’ mentality to lose the essence of the struggle now. Our support has been based and will continue to be focused on Senator-elect Darius Dillon’s invaluable impact and contributions to unmask the Liberian Senate of its lame duck culture and restore credibility and independence as it were. The revolution started in the Senate through the LIGHT must remain illuminated for the greater good. Dillon belongs to the Liberty Party (LP) the CPP and if care is not taken in the wake of any hyper mis-messaging and political miscalculations – doom awaits the opposition over one simple and inevitably regrettable mistake.
Let The LIGHT continue to shine on Capitol Hill! Let incumbent and would-be occupants of the Executive Mansion – for once   - come to the realization that there are three separate – inordinate and independent Branches of Government under our Republic establishment.


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