President Weah Impressed With JFK New Facilities - Vows To Seek Treatment Here

President Weah Impressed With JFK New Facilities - Vows To Seek Treatment Here

President George Manneh Weah has expressed great satisfaction over the level of tremendous work done at the nation’s highest referral Center, The John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital situated in Sinkor, Monrovia.

The Liberian Leader, during a tour of the new facilities, said he was discouraged when he paid a previous visit at the JFK and saw the lack of basic equipment and other essential tools to work with, but that is now a history as at the weekend the President noted that he was impressed to see a JFK new facilities with modern CT-Scan, X-Ray Machines, MRI-Machines as smiles and joy were the order of the day on the faces the Liberian Leader, including other key government officials who were part of the ceremony.

He thanked the US Government and other partners for the support to Liberia’s health sector. President Weah, speaking at the dedicatory ceremony at the weekend, pledged his government’s support to the modernization of the JFK facilities.

However Dr. Weah was also quick to remind the hospital authorities to take proper care of the new facilities to ensure that partners are fully impressed to do more in supporting the hospital and the health sector of Liberia at large.

With the level of new equipment at the JFK, he said he is confident of a better and improved service delivery at the JFK by the health workers. “I am satisfied with what I see at the JFK here, and I will seek medication here once falling ill,” President Weah stated.

President Weah encouraged his officials and other Liberians to build confidence in the health system and ensure they seek proper and quality treatment at the JFK. 

He commended Dr. Jerry Browne and his team for the level of work done so far but urged them to do more.

Also speaking during the tour was the United States Ambassador accredited near Monrovia, Madam Christine Elder who pledged her Government’s continued support to Liberia’s health sector.

Ambassador Elder, among other things, said her Government will give further support to Liberia’s health sector particular in the area of Clinical care, Clinical Diagnostic and Research.

The US envoy said their support is due to US, Liberia long standing relations, which have accrued mutual benefits for their respective benefits and peoples over the years.

Additionally, the US envoy assured Liberia of her government’s support to the Science and Health Policies formulation and implementations of the Nation.

At the same time, the head of the JFK, Dr. Jerry Browne assured President Weah and his team for their preparedness in catering to any health complications.

Dr. Browne said they will do more in helping to improve service delivery at the JFK and encouraged all Liberians to support the sector and build confidence in them for the benefit of the nation and its people.

He said as more modern equipment and other essential medical tools and support come in the country, the story of traveling to seek advance medical attention abroad, will be of the past.

Currently, he added that the hospital is equipped and ready to cater to some surgical and other difficult health cases or complications in Liberia.

Liberia’s health sector has over the period suffered huge challenges in the area of lack of infrastructure, funding, capacity building and many others, but with the continued support from the US Government and other partners, things are getting on course gradually, added a health official at the Ministry of Health.

Presently, Liberia has a modern system under the National Public Health Institute Of Liberia to handle outbreak of diseases, should they be any.

The Government has also as part of its recent harmonization process, increased the salaries of health workers as a means of motivating them to do more for their Country.

However, more still need to be done to help strengthen and to as well make the sector a resilient one as the gap between Doctors to patients in Liberia is still a huge challenge national government is battling to address.

Currently, some health workers of Liberia are out of Liberia undergoing professional and specialized training to return home later and help contribute the struggling health sector of Liberia in a move to help close the huge gap.

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