‘Don’t Hide Behind COVID-19 Pandemic’ - Human Rights Group Warns GoL

‘Don’t Hide Behind COVID-19 Pandemic’ - Human Rights Group Warns GoL

Monrovia, Liberia - The Secretary General of the Civil Society Human Rights Justice Advocacy Platform, Mr. Adama Dempster, has warned the Government of Liberia (GoL) not to use the ongoing global health pandemic as a shell in failing to fulfill its national and international Human Rights obligations.

According to him, the deadline for Liberia to implement the United Nations Human Rights concluding observation recommendations has expired, describing it as a sad day for the country in said regard.

“ Liberia will answer the very hard questions at the UN after its failure to meet up with its global human right mandate and or obligations,” he pointed out.

As part of the global document, Liberia should have since 2018 as a party and as a matter of priority establish a process of accountability for past Human Rights Violations and World Crimes that conforms to international standards including the independence of the judiciary.

Providing the victims access to justice, due process and fair trial and witness protection are among the many recommendations that Liberia failed to meet up with, Dempster noted.

The UN Human Rights concluding observation also extended that the State as a Party to the global instrument should ensure that all perpetrators of gross Human Rights violations and world crimes are impartially persecuted and if found guilty, convicted, punished in accordance with the gravity of the acts they committed regardless of their status and any other legislation and or immunity including removing them from public offices if they are proven to be involved in gross Human Rights violations and world crimes.

Moreover, the document also ensures that necessary measures to implement the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Recommendations considering a well resource body of the government representative, Civil Society Organization, the Independent National Commission on Human Rights to among other things monitor the implementations of these recommendations as well as developing a comprehensive reparation scheme for all victims of gross Human Rights violations and world crimes.

Speaking during the launch of the CSO accountability platform on justice related issues, Dempster pledged the CSO platform commitment in campaigning actively and constructively for justice to be dispensed to all impartially for the benefit of the larger society.

“ We remain engaged with local and international partners to effectively flag and address issues of injustices affecting the people across the country,” he stated.

The Justice activist added that the launch of their accountability, Reparation and reconciliation components with several inscriptions: “The time has come to repair Human Rights abuses, quest of Justice recommendations of the Human Rights committee and sustainable recommendations for peace and development“ are among other things meant to bring healing to Liberia.


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