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China Ready to Work With International Community to Curb Coronavirus

Chinese President Xi Jinping has said that his country stands ready to work with the international community to effectively curb the spread of the pneumonia cases caused by the new strain of coronavirus in order to uphold global health security.

President Xi, in a telephone conversation with French President Emmanuel Macron and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, said since the outbreak of the contagion, China has made all efforts to prevent and control spread of the disease. According to him, China promptly informed the World Health Organization as well as a number of countries and the immediate regions about the disease in a timely manner, reports Xinhua or New China News Agency.

The Chinese leader, however, said China’s market is open to the world and will continue to be open to France and Europe, stressing the need for strengthening communication and coordination between China and France on reform of the World Trade Organization to move it forward in the right direction.
Since the outbreak of the coronavirus in China some 26 persons have reportedly died, while nearly 800persons are sick of the ailment, reports said.

Meanwhile, Liberian scientist DougbehNyan has alerted the Public Health Institutes in Africa to take preventative measures against the virus. “We suffered Ebola outbreak in 2014 and cannot afford a disease outbreak of any kind in Liberia and the rest of Africa,”Nyan asserted.
“Public Health Institutes are being alerted to take the necessary preventive steps,” he said in a recent social media post.
Among other things, he proposed that travelers from China present a health certificate ruling out infection with the Wuhan coronavirus.
Nyanalso spoke of a Declaration of “Travel Warning to China” by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in consultation with the Ministry of Health for citizens wishing to travel to said destination. 
The Liberian scientist said that travellers from other countries, particularly those who transit through China, be questioned on their health and travel history as well as their human and animal contacts. 
Scientist Nyan proposed immediate training workshops for the ports of entry and health and immigration border personnel to equip them with said preventive questionnaire and ability to recognize cases of travelers as well as recognize imminent health danger. 
At best, he suggested establishing a nursing medical unit and diagnostic post at major ports of entry (e.g. the Roberts International Airport and National Port Authority in the case of Liberia.
Nyan also called for the government to conduct a clear pedagogic public health education exercise so as to educate the public about the virus, its transmission, health consequences, and applicable public health prevention methods.

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