Weah, Dillon Clash As Urey Threatens Lawsuit

Weah, Dillon Clash As Urey Threatens Lawsuit

President George Manneh Weah, who is also the Standard Bearer of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change(CDC), has launched a stinging attack on Mr. Benoni Urey and Mr. Abraham Darius Dillon, both of whom, are staunch members of the opposition block.

Mr. Ury is the political leader of the All Liberian Party (ALP), while Mr. Dillon is the Vice Chairman for Political Affairs of the Liberty Party (LP) and also a candidate in the pending Montserrado County Senatorial By Election. The LP and ALP are all members of the opposition collaboration, which include the immediate former ruling Unity Party (UP) and Alternative National Congress (ANC).

For the CDC, it comprises of the Congress for Democratic Change(CDC), the former ruling National Patriotic Party(NPP) the Liberia People Democratic Party(LPDP) . Speaking at the weekend at the campaign launch of the candidates of the CDC held at the party’s headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, Weah alleged that Urey is a “killer and a thief”.

The CDC’s candidates for the ensuing Montserrado County Senatorial and Representative By-Elections are: Madam Paulita Wie and Mr. Abu Kamara.

In a provocative mode, the Liberian leader labeled the ALP leader as a “total failure” , accentuating that Urey has no history of winning an election. The CDC’s flag bearer, who did not substantiate his allegations against Urey, averred that his comments were in reaction to Urey’s categorization of the “CDCians” as cockroaches.

“This is a man that has never won anything, he supported his brother I defeated him, get ready tightened your belts there is no way the Urey’s can win election in Montserrado County because they are wicked people. We are cockroaches but they are killers, we are cockroaches, they are thieves,” he claimed.

“They are testing your resolve; they call you tiny, tiny, CDCians and cockroaches and come to ask for your votes. I will be specific today because I came to make fuss; Benoni Urey is not associated with victory, the only thing I know him for is that he wanted me to help remove him from the UN sanction list. He asked me and I helped him, and he made his first trip outside since the sanction,” Weah furthered.

Descending on Dillon, he told him to go back to school before seeking elected position, claiming that he (Dillon) is a high school dropout.
Weah, on the other hand, urged citizens of Montserrado County to vote against Dillon on account the he(Weah) was denied the Presidency on similar account 12 years ago.
He went on to accuse the LP VP for political Affairs of being a common criminal and so he does not deserve the vote of the Liberian people.
“The only thing I know about Dillon is that he stole Documents from Snowe when he once served him as special Assistant. If you questioned me 12 years ago for my education background then Dillon does not deserve your vote,” the Liberian leader indicated.
But in response, Dillon described the Liberian President as a kid who has since refused to grow , despite his age and current position.
He said the President continues to fail miserably everyday as he went to abuse opposition instead of selling out his candidates to the electorates.
“The leader of the country today took to the microphone to sell his candidates. Unfortunately the leader did not say what his candidate will do, or what the platform of the candidates would be. The leader went on his usual ranting, insulting us, childish attacks, and some unsubstantiated lies,” Dillon responded.
“All I can say is that President Weah is a big kid that still needs to grow. George Weah is a big kid that needs to grow even at the age of 53. He still thinks and behaves like a kid. He refuses to grow at his age level,” he intoned.
Despite being criticized for his low education, Dillon pointed out that he performed that his record in the Legislature is unmatched by the President, when he was a Senator of Montserrado County.
He cited Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, under whom he worked as a chief of office staff, as an easy reference for his good works.
“Weah does not understand the English he speaks. For easy reference he should ask Jewel. But again, I can understand why he can’t ask her; for his childish behavior, I am sure he is not even speaking to her to ask her who Darius Dillon is actually. Let me tell President Weah and his followers that what I did as a staff and what he did as a senator, and then we stop speaking in this manner,” the Montserrado Senatorial Candidate hit back.
“Maturity is far lacking from you Mr. Weah. When I was a staff at the Capitol Building, I stood for many things, I stood against financial impropriety. Mr. Weah, when I was a staff I fought to take floor employees’ salary from 27 dollars to 150. Mr. Weah when you were a Senator you did not advocate for a dime to be added to staffers’ salary, including the ones that were in your office. Mr. Weah, I drafted bills, submitted them through [then Senator Jewel Howard-Taylor], one of which was passed into law. Today Liberia has assistant superintendent for fiscal affairs across the counties,” Dillon revealed.
On the issue of integrity, the collaborating parties’ candidate bragged of having better record than President Weah.
“President Weah I was only a staff, you were a Senator; show Liberians the bills you drafted, crafted and submitted that were passed into law. Mr. Weah; my friend George Weah, when I was a staff I exposed corruption in the Liberian Legislature, and I went to jail. I have paid the price for standing for the right thing. Mr. Weah you are spineless; you get no bones in you when it comes to integrity.
“Mr. Weah when I was a staff at the Legislature I was advocating for the Legislature to be audited. What did you do? Mr. Weah, when I was a staff, I prepared Legislative agenda for my bosses to run throughout the year, what did you do Mr. Weah? Mr. Weah when we were preparing the budget, you were in Paris watching football games,” he stated.
The Montserrado County Senatorial candidate then urged citizens of the county to vote him in the pending election because he will bring check and balance at the Liberian senate.
“I am asking you to vote me I will bring check and balance at the Liberian Senate. I am your candidate and I am asking for your support so that we can take what we know to the Liberian senate. I advise my supporters; those who believe in me to stay on course, follow my good lead. Let us discuss the issue that affect our country and people and let us do away with personal and dubious attack. Let’s stop the mouth slinking the slender, the lies and whatsoever,” he added.
However, this paper could not get direct contact with Urey regarding the allegations levied against him by the President, but in an interview with FrontPage Africa, he threatened court action against the President.
“It is regrettable that the president of Liberia will stoop to that level. Now the Liberian people can see the gravity of the problems in our country. Today my heart bleeds for Liberia. “God have mercy on Liberia,” Urey told the FPA.
“I am viewing all legal options as this is a treat on my family and we don’t take it lightly. I view the President’s utterances as a threat on my family,” he is further quoted by the FPA.

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