Chairman of Rainbow Alliance Mr. Reginald B Goodridge, Sr. Chairman of Rainbow Alliance Mr. Reginald B Goodridge, Sr.

Rainbow Alliance Wants Liberian Constitution Rewritten -Critiques President’s Annual Message

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -The opposition Rainbow Alliance has said President George Manneh Weah’s Fourth Annual Message was strangely silent on the December 8, 2020 Referendum, Special Senatorial and Bi-elections for obvious reasons.

The Rainbow Alliance includes Victory for Change Party (VCP), Vision for Liberia Transformation (VOLT), Democratic Justice Party (DJP), Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE), Redemption Democratic Congress (RDC), the Union for Liberian Democrats (ULD), and the True Wing Party (TWP). “The opposition community made a huge impact on the outcome of the mid-term Senatorial and Bi-elections which results have been announced by the National elections Commission. However, the results of the referendum remain in abeyance. The Rainbow Alliance collaborated with other political parties, coalitions, civil society organizations, and religious entities to defeat the referendum which was obviously illegal and forced upon the Liberian people. We are confident that the government shares this view and respects the wishes of the Liberian people in saying a resounding NO to the 2020 Referendum,” the Rainbow Alliance asserted.

Responding to President Weah’s fourth Annual Message, the Rainbow Alliance pointed out that it is of the strong conviction that it is not enough to amend portions of the 1986 constitution, which we believe is inherently inadequate to serve the purposes of law and order, good governance, internal policy and economic viability. Against this backdrop, the Rainbow Alliance called on the Government of Liberia (GoL) and Liberia’s development partners to constitute a National Constitutional Review Committee to re-write the entire Liberian constitution- the organic law of the country to bring it in line with current social, political and economic realities of the country.

“Precedent to this action, however, a national census must be held in order to provide adequate information and realistic data about our demographics, population dynamics and shifts that affect electoral matters in the various counties and districts. This national census is three years overdue; we, therefore, call on the government to step up to its constitutional obligations in this regard.” At the same time, the Rainbow Alliance notes with disappointment that the President’s Annual Message was also silent on visitation to various parts of the country.

“ It is regrettable that in three years, the President has not touched base with his people to know firsthand their challenges and to inspect development initiatives. Sadly, the CDC government remains primarily a Monrovia-based political aristocracy. Incidental to the President’s lack of travel to various parts of the country is the very bad condition of roads that remain impassable for more than six months every year during the rainy season. Therefore the government’s repeated proposals about road construction to the Southeast, Southwest and Northwest of the country remain mere sounding cymbals in a brass band.”

Continued the opposition Alliance: “The President was hard-pressed to adequately address the issues of mysterious deaths of government employees and disappearances of common citizens in recent times. The Liberian people deserve to know more. The grieving families deserve to have reprieve of their grief over the loss of their loved ones. Far too many of our young, brilliant citizens are dying pre-maturely simply because they decide to work for their government.“ “The Rainbow Alliance would like to make it clear: service to our government must be a noble effort. Service to our government must not be a death sentence to snuff out the life of our young and intelligent citizens. This government must put measures in place to stop the mysterious deaths of the citizens of the country,” the opposition Alliance, among other things, added.



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