Some of The Participants Displaying Their Certificates Some of The Participants Displaying Their Certificates

Several Female Aspirants Trained

Monrovia, Liberia - Several female aspirants vying for the ensuing December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election (NEC) have completed a one-day training conducted by the Coalition of Political Parties’ Women in Liberia (COPPWIL).

The training, which was held at the weekend in Monrovia, was aimed at providing education for the female aspirants on the basic roles and responsibilities of the Legislature.

Speaking to the media following the training, the Vice President for Political Affairs of COPPWIL, Madam Nuwoe A.D. Scott, explained that training workshop was intended to empower women so that they would be better prepared for the campaign and in turn be successful at the December race.

“We are having this training basically for our aspirants, soon to be candidates in the upcoming Senatorial Election and for female aspirants who are expected to contest the Representative by-election [in Montserrado County Electoral District #9]. We are preparing them because most of these females who are going for these processes are new,” she disclosed.

She said the training was not only limited to new aspirants, but also for sitting lawmakers, noting that learning is a life-time curve that has no end.

“Even those who are sitting lawmakers such as Mariamu Fofana, Julie Wiah and others are also drawn up for this workshop, because you never stop learning. There are new things that you can learn just by coming here. We believe the more opportunities we afford our women in these processes the better their chances to win,” Nuwoe indicated.

She asserted that the just ended training initiative was supported by a prominent Liberian in person of Mr. Eric Wilfred Olson, through his educational forum in partnership with COPPWILL.

She disclosed that as part of its many efforts to ensure that a sizable number of women get elected in the ensuing election, COPPWIL intends to hold a fund-raising dinner to raise funds that will help women carry out their campaign processes.

“This training is not all to it. After the training, we are going to have a fund raising dinner to help support our female candidates in the election so that they will go and win out those seats, because there is serious gender imbalance at the Legislature, especially at the Liberian Senate. We are doing this because we want to own them. We want to go to the Legislature and put forth our issues,” Nuwoe, also an assistant minister at the Ministry of Transport, furthered.

“So we, as Coalition of Political Parties’ Women, are not just going to stop at this training, because we know that election is expensive. We have serious intension of raising money among ourselves; among Liberians, we are going to write prominent people to be able to sponsor that dinner to make sure that they will be able to have the required tool that they will use out there and win,” she added.

In remarks, Mr. Eric Wilfred Olson, chief sponsor of the training, said intension was to enable females know their role and responsibilities before getting to the senate so that they will not be novices when elected.

“What has been happening in our country is that we are drilling away from putting people into position that know what that position entails. This is why we are partnering with COPPWIL to do this training for those who are [aspirants],” he asserted.

He pointed out that the initiative was intended to ensure greater output on the jobsite.

“We need to do that across the whole spectrum of this country because the only way our country can get better is when people know better, because when they know better, they will do better. When we train our women now in Liberia, they will be able to make those decisions that will benefit not only women, but everybody,” Olson added.


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