Sheikh Al- Moustapha Kouyateh Speaking to his supporters Sheikh Al- Moustapha Kouyateh Speaking to his supporters

Liberian Entrepreneur Wants Referendum Pushed to 2023

Paynesville, Liberia - As he joined the race to contest the ensuing Special Senatorial Election for Montserrado County, a Liberian entrepreneur has urged Liberians to say no to the holding of the pending National Referendum , saying it is untimely.

Sheikh Al- Moustapha Kouyateh said there must be significant length of time given for such a national process so that eligible voters will have adequate information about the process so that they would know why it is necessary to say yes or no to a particular provision.

Speaking at a petitioning program where he informed Liberians about his intention to contest the much publicized 2020 December 8 Special Senatorial Election, Sheikh Kouyateh said the proposed 2020 Referendum is a clever attempt to give President George Manneh Weah additional 10 years following the expiration of his first tenure.

“The Referendum must be pushed to 2023 because our people are not aware of the various propositions. If we do this now, our people will be ignorantly voting and the President be given a chance for another 10 years under the new law at the expense of the people’s ignorance. If you want a future for this country, say no to the referendum this year,” said Sheikh Kouyateh, a former stalwart of the Congress Democratic Change(CDC).

“There is a need for more education on this. For me, I think the tenures of the President, the Senators and Representatives still need to be reduced a little bit more rather than just one or two years. Instead of reducing the tenure of Representatives and President from six to five years, I would suggest four, and then six years for Senators instead of seven.

The proposition on dual citizenship needs to further explained. African- American born in the United States and elsewhere must be given preference over non-negro decent. There are more cardinal issues that we need to look at,” he pointed.

Kouyateh vowed to make a difference if elected to the Liberian Senate on December 8, 2020.

If elected, he said, his leadership will prioritize agriculture and youth development by ensuring that capacity building be the hallmark as well as women empowerment.


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