Denouncing Violent Approach In Addressing Grievances

The approach by some people to always address their grievances through violent means needs to be totally discouraged, because this way of doing it is not only illegal, but uncivilized and injudicious.

It is prudent for people to always channel whatever grievances they may have through peaceful channel instead of violent approach.

We have observed continuously that the violent approach exacerbates the problems than solving them.

So it is about time we do away with violent approach in solving our grievances or concerns.

In this vein, we encourage our law enforcement officers to leave no stone unturned in ensuring that people who use violent approach in seeking redress are arrested, investigated and prosecuted in keeping with the due process of law so as to serve as a deterrence for others who may want to use violent path instead of peaceful and legal means in addressing their concerns.

Again, we urge all those who are in the habit of using violent approach in addressing their complaints to stop and begin using the peaceful method, as it is the best approach.

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