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A member of the Liberian Senate, Conmany B. Wesseh, has asserted that the President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert Tugbe Chie, grossly disrespected Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, when he(President Pro Tempore Chie) ordered his private security to put Senator Dillon out of a plenary session.

Plenary is the highest decision making body of the Liberian Senate.Senator Wesseh said while he does not support fully whatever comment that might have come from Senator Dillon, it was wrong for President Pro Tempore Chie to have ordered his private security to put the Montserrado Senator out of session.

Speaking in Monrovia on Monday, June 8, 2020 when he appeared on the “Power Exchange” on Power TV and Radio, the River Gee lawmaker accentuated that though President Pro Tempore Chie is believed to be a good man, something else has driven him away to misguide the activities of the Liberian Senate.

“I think a lot can be done better than what we have now. I think he’s a good man, but something else drives him away that I don’t know,” the outspoken River Gee Senator intimated.

According to him, the head of the Upper House has somewhat diminished his own power as enshrined in the Constitution by succumbing mantle of authority to the Executive Branch of government.

In a hypothetical answer to question whether the President Pro Tempore has become a puppet to the Executive Branch of the government, he seemingly believes that the Grand Kru Senator is closed to that.

“I would be disappointed if he (Senator Chie) will make himself appear that way. You know you diminish even your own position as a President Pro Tempore of the Liberian Senate if you act like that. You can’t be like a puppet or like a kaykay dog,” he intoned.

“I don’t think he’s taking the right decision as the position he has assumed. The position of President Pro Tempore is a position of great decision making, and I think he can do better than what he’s doing,” the River Gee Senator indicated.He furthered that the head of the Senate conducts his legislative activities as though he was only placed there to carry on instructions from the presidency.

“It gives the Senate bad reputation. It does not make us to be perceived as an independent body that we ought to be. If the Legislature was created to just say yes sir or yes mom, then there was no need to have a Legislature. While the Legislature must be reasonable enough to support the development program of the country, it should not trade its power,” he accentuated.

Commenting on issues on the international front, Senator Wesseh called on the Government of Liberia(GoL) to take a stance to openly condemn the act of racism recently seen in the United States of America (USA), because it represents the number of African-Americans.

“I think when we see a situation of what is happening in the United States, we should take a stance. Liberia has abandoned the historic responsibility that [it] has with the United States, the historic responsibility that Liberia has with our African brothers and sisters,” the senator continued.

“Historically Liberia was the first stop for Africans-Americans and so it must play its role. We are the people the black race depends on. Whatever happens to any black race in the world, Liberia must be the first to stand up. Not a UN statement; not an AU statement and not an ECOWAS statement.”

In a bid to make the presence of the country felt, Sen. Wesseh added that consultations are ongoing with some colleagues of like minds to openly condemn and express solidarity with their African-American brothers and sisters.

It can be recalled that a fortnight ago, Lofa County Senator George Tengbeh filed a formal letter of complaint before the leadership of the Liberian Senate in which he accused Senator Dillon of willfully and intentionally distorting the image of the Senate, thus causing massive injuries to the characters of his colleagues- senators and the institution.

Among other things, theLofa County Senator called on the leadership of the Liberian Senate headed by President Pro Tempore Chie to conduct an investigation into the alleged act of the Montserrado County Senator through a due process in line with the Senate’s standing rules, warning that if he (Dillon) does not desist, will lead them-senators with no options but to have him (Dillon) expelled.

The tough talking Montserrado Senator’s outburst against majority of his colleagues-senators stemmed from what he called the speedy passage of the recast budget, which was overwhelming approved by majority of the senators through a resolution. The plenary of the Liberian Senate last Wednesday followinga tense debate on the complaint filed against Dillon constituted an Ad hoc committee to investigate the matter and report within two weeks as of the date the heated debate.

The debate , which saw members of the Liberian split over the complaint against Senator Dillon, was occasioned by an unprecedented acrimonious verbal exchanges between Senators Chie and Dillon.

Dillon, among other things, openly accused Chie of being behind an alleged “political plot” to expel him from the Liberian senate, while Chie, on the other hand, dismissed the claim and bragged that has nothing personal against the Montserrado Senator and that he was only telling him(Dillon) that he had “misbehaved”.


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