Following Closed-Door Leadership Meeting - Senate to Decide Dillon’s Fate

Following Closed-Door Leadership Meeting - Senate to Decide Dillon’s Fate Featured

The Liberian Senate is the place of concentration today, Wednesday, June 3, 2020, where the fate of Montserrado County Senator, Abraham Darius Dillon, alia “Abe” is expected to be decided today, June 3, 2020.

And as that august body is expected to determine the fate of the provocative Montserrado County lawmaker today, an agenda of the leadership meeting, which was held behind closed-door on June 2, 2020, was obtained by the Heritage and the Dillon’s saga was key on the document.

The closed door leadership meeting was held in the Conference Room of the President Pro-Tempore of the Liberian Senate, Albert T. Chie at the Capitol Building, the seat of the Liberian legislature.

Although members of the Liberian Senate are said to be divided over the Dillon’s issue, it was gathered that the Montserrado senator could be fined , suspended or in the worst case scenario, expelled.

It could be recalled that recently, Sen. Dillon, who is also the Vice Chairman for Political Affairs of the LP, was officially complained to the leadership of the Liberian Senate by Lofa County Senator George Tengbeh.

Senator Tengbeh, who a fortnight ago resigned from the former ruling Unity Party (UP), asserted that Sen. Dillon and his cohorts had embarked on a “smear campaign” aimed at denigrating the Liberian Senate both “wholly and individually”.

In his official letter dated May 27, 2020 and addressed to the leadership of the Liberian Senate, Sen. Tengbeh accused the LP stalwart of willfully and intentionally distorting the image of the Senate, thus causing massive injuries to the characters of senators and the institution.

“Senator Dillon is in the constant habit of throwing invectives at his fellow Senators and shows no respect to officers of the Senate who try to call him to order,” the letter, a copy of which was obtained by this paper, states.

“The constant invectives rained by Senator Dillon on the Liberian Senate are abhorrent and prohibitive. He describes individual Senators as spineless when they vote for what they believe in the Senate as a rotten place. It is my belief that Senator Dillon does not belong in his so-called rotten institution,”Tengbeh continued in his letter.

The Lofa County senator then called on the leadership of the Liberian Senate via President Pro-Tempore Chieto conduct an investigation into the alleged act of the Montserrado County senator through a due process in line with the Senate’s Standing Rules, warning that if he (Dillon) does not desist, will lead them-senators with no options, but to have him (Dillon) expelled.








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