Ezzat Eid Debunks Facebook Post On Collaboration With CoP

Ezzat Eid Debunks Facebook Post On Collaboration With CoP

Mr. Marwan Ezzat Eid, the eldest child of Mr. Ezzat N. Eid, Chief Executive Officer of the Ezzat Eid Group of Companies and the major shareholder of these companies, has, on the instruction of his dad, Mr. Ezzat N. Eid, formally communicated with the Government and people of Liberia and the entire population about their reactions to the diabolical and malicious untruths about Mr. Ezzat Eid, which were posted on Facebook on December 29, 2019 in the wake of a protest planned by the Council of Patriots (CoP).

It should be recalled that these two Facebook postalleged that Mr. Ezzat N. Eid is one of the key sponsors of CoP’s planned protest against the Government of President Dr. George Manneh Weah; that Mr. Ezzat N. Eid and others, who are foreigners doing business in Liberia, are undermining President Weah’s Government for personal interest and threatening the peace and stability of Liberia; that Mr. Ezzat N. Eid was part of the CoP’s meeting that was just held at the Tropical Beach Resort before the date of the planned protest and that the Liberia National Police(LNP) and other security apparatus in Liberia should be on the alert and do a thorough search of the Royal Grand Hotel (an enterprise which is part of the Ezzat Eid Group of Companies) beginning immediately as of the date of the Facebook posts for possible arms and mercenaries who were brought into the country to aid the COP protest.

The Facebook also alleged that Mr. Ezzat N. Eid is the one telling Mr. Henry P. Costa, Chairman of the CoP to include in their counts the cancellation of the CTN scanning Contract from the present company operating it at the port because he, Ezzat Eid, wants that contract and that a car, which Costa currently rides in the United States, was bought by EzzatEid, owner of the Royal Grand Hotel.

In a press release issued in Monrovia on January 4, 2020, Mr. Marwan Ezzat Eid, who is also the Managing Director of City Builders, Inc., one of the components of the Ezzat Eid Group of Companies, explained that his dad, Mr. Ezzat N. Eid, who is the major shareholder of all their enterprises in Liberia and is the Chief Executive Officer of each of them, would likely to express his heartfelt apologies to His Excellency, Dr. George Manneh Weah, President of the Republic of Liberia, for whatever inconvenience and embarrassment these Facebook posts may have posed for them.

“We would like to inform the President, the Government of Liberia and the people of Liberia that nothing in any of those two Facebook posts is true; there isn’t an iota of truth in those accusations against us and our companies. We would like to also alert the person or persons who posted these false, diabolical and malicious Facebook posts that we shall consult with our lawyers and explore avenues to bring you to justice for the harm, injury and damage you have caused to our reputations, our business enterprises and to our relationships in this country, “ he further explained.

Mr. Marwan EzzatEid, who said that that one should wonder why Mr. EzzatEid would buy Costa a car, made it clear that they are not politicians and they have never been involved in politics.

While strongly describing the Facebook posts on alleged collaboration with the CoP as false and untrue, Mr. Marwan EzzatEid bragged that Liberia is their beloved second home.

“We will never involve ourselves in politics. We are only business people who have taken advantage of the hospitality of the Liberian people and the opportunities this country has provided to us to do business here. Whatever we are today and whatever we will be tomorrow is because this country has been and continues to be hospitable to us and has provided us with the opportunity to live here and work here in peace and harmony,” Mr. Marwan EzzatEid continued.
He recalled that, “our dad came to Liberia on January 26, 1968; his four children were born in Liberia; and some of us live in Liberia with our spouses and children.”

He stated that through “thick and thin”, “we have remained here and prospered here. We are therefore indebted to the people of Liberia for this hospitality and these opportunities and President Weah has not lessened this hospitality and opportunities for us”.
To the contrary, he pointed out that PresidentWeah has even been kind enough to allow them to, in collaboration with other foreign investors, enter into a new contract with the Liberian Government to build a new cement factory in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

“Because of President Weah’s open invitation to private business, we continue to explore avenues of reinvesting in Liberia. Obviously, therefore, we have no reason and no incentive to engage in the subversive activities of which we have been accused in the Facebook posts,” he asserted.

“We assure you, Mr. President and the Liberian people, that we will never ever engage in the subversive activities of which we have been accused in the Facebook posts; we will never ever engage in any activity to undermine the peace and stability of this country, which is a second home to us; and we also assure you that we shall continue to be law-abiding residents of Liberia,” the Managing Director of City Builders intimated.

He disclosed that his dad will return to Liberia on tomorrow, Wednesday, January 8, 2020; and a few days thereafter, his investment partners will come to pursue the initial stage for the construction of the cement factory in Liberia. Mr. Eid had never had any interest in the CTN contract with the Free Port of Monrovia and he would not, for such a small investment, attempt to undermine President Weah’s Government and subvert the peace, tranquility and stability of this country, and materially, adversely affect our other business interests in Liberia.

“He has never met Mr. Henry Costa and any member of the leadership of the COP for any reason and has never ever purchased a vehicle for any of them in any part of the world. And as to the alleged meeting with Mr. Costa in Monrovia, Mr. Eid was away in Lebanon seeking medical attention at that time; and yet those who wrote the Facebook posts alleged that he met with Mr. Costa in Liberia.”

“All of us in the Ezzat Eid Group of Companies are business people; we did not study politics and we are not politicians. We know nothing about how to plan or organize a protest of any kind and we have no agenda which a protest against President Weah will advance or promote. Simply stated, we are not what the Facebook posts allege us to be; we have not done any of the things which the Facebook posts alleged we did. We don’t understand why anybody would want to damage our reputations and expose us to the risks that are obviously associated with those who wish to subvert a government and its people,” he added.

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