Mr. Joseph Bush Trinity, Chairman Of Strategic Thinkers Mr. Joseph Bush Trinity, Chairman Of Strategic Thinkers

Auxiliary Group Quits ALP - Cites Policy Difference

One of the main auxiliary groups of the opposition All Liberian Party (ALP) has announced its decision to quit the party with immediate effect, citing policy difference.

The group, under the banner “Strategic Thinkers,” said it has also withdrawn all political supports and membership from the ALP of former businessman Mr. Benoni Wilfred Urey.

The Strategic Thinkers is a political movement with vested interest in the structural and systematic governance structure of the state that will benefit all, irrespective of one affiliation or background sex, creed, religion among others. Being one of the founding members of the ALP, ‘Strategic Thinkers’is structured across the country and it was tasked with the responsibility to steer the mobilization of the presidential campaign team of Mr. Urey during the 2017 presidential and representatives’ election.

The ALP auxiliary group pointed out in a statement that the decision was concluded after an intense debate and prolonged consultations amongst its members and supporters that lasted for several months.

The group said one of the key reasons for its withdrawal was because it has gathered in private that Urey would not contest the ensuing 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections.

“For us, our main support to Mr. Urey’s party was to support his presidential bid, and so since we have gathered that he doesn’t have the intension to contest, we decided to renounce our support from the party,” stated Mr. Joseph Bush Trinity, National Chairman of the ‘Strategic Thinkers.’

ALP is one of the 28 registered political parties in the country and was among the 16 parties that contested the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections.

The party also finished in a distant sixth place position in those elections that brought the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led government to power.

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