Madam Macdella Cooper Rapping On Several Issues Of National Concern At AMEU Madam Macdella Cooper Rapping On Several Issues Of National Concern At AMEU

‘I Still Have Time’ - Macdalla Still Upbeat About Presidency Featured

“Former President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf started this struggle back in the 70s, but it was just in 2005 that she was successful. I will not have to do it for 40 years or more, but I still have time,” asserted Madam Macdella Cooper, a Presidential candidate in the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections.

Her comment was in response to a question posed to her by a student of the Mass Communication Department at the faith-based African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU) in Monrovia, where she had gone to serve as a guest lecturer for the Psychology 301 Class. The occasion also coincided with the induction of the class’ leadership.

It could be recalled that Madam Cooper contested the 2017 Presidential and Representative Elections on the ticket of the Liberia Reformation Party (LRP) and obtained 11,645 votes or 0.7% of the total valid votes cast. She also contested the July 29, 2019 Montserrado County Senatorial by-Election as an Independent candidate and obtained 4,500 votes.

Accordingly, Macdella, 42, pointed out that becoming a President of Liberia is the sole decision of Liberians, which no individual politician, including her, has control over.

However, in a more authoritative and optimistic voice, she reckoned that the years ahead for her ambition are still long.

But asked by this writer in an exclusive interview whether or not she would contest the 2023 Presidential and Legislative Elections, she fell short to provide a clear answer.

“It’s too early to determine that. I will continue to preserve myself as a possible candidate and the voters will determine that,” Madam Cooper intoned.

She noted that Liberia, as a nation, will continue to retrogress unless the basic principles of human rights are adhered to.

“These principles, which formed the basis of platform include: access to nutrition, access to healthcare, access to security and access to education. Realistically your country will not move in the right direction if you are in leadership and refuse to adhere to these principles,” said the Liberian stateswoman.

“We have to fight for our rights because it’s the only way we can move forward. We all must do this advocacy together. This is the fight that Liberians owe to the nation; this is not just a politician thing. We should not build a system that discriminates against people,” she warned.

Also in a warning to the Liberian media, Madam Cooper urged that journalists conduct their duties in line with professional standards.

“You can make or break this nation as per what you report. People are moved by what you tell them since everyone can’t be everywhere at the same time,” she indicated.

In remarks, Professor MomoGborkowkollieDouweeof the Psychology 301 Class described the visit of Madam Cooper as a great milestone set by the students of the class and the Mass Communication Department at large.

“It shows the strength of this class and the Department of Mass Communication. This class has potential men and women from different professional backgrounds that are destined for greatness,” Prof. Douwee, a Public Relations Consultant at Salvation Army-Liberia noted.

In a statistical analysis, Student Fidel Saydee, Advisor to the class’ President, disclosed that the class has a total number of 25 students.

Of this number, Saydee, a co-host of one of the nation’s leading talk shows-the Costa Show on Root FM, explained that 17 of these students are females, while eight are males.

Student Magdalene F. Saah, President of the class, lauded Madam Cooper for accepting the invitation to serve as a guest lecturer, stressing that the Department of Mass Communication and the Psychology 301 Class will remain engaged with her.





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