Partial View Of Vision College In Buchanan, Grand Bassa County Partial View Of Vision College In Buchanan, Grand Bassa County

Local College Lauded For Provision Of Quality Education in Grand Bassa

Several residents in and out of Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, have lauded the administration of Vision College in the city for the provision of quality education to the youthful population.

Established in 2017, Vision College provides a wide range of educational opportunities for learners. It is missioned to produce highly-employable graduates with international recognition.

Among other things, the college offers Bachelor in Arts and Science (BA/BSC), a four-year degree with emphasis on courses such as English, fine arts, foreign languages, history, philosophy, psychology, or sociology.

Speaking to this paper recently during a tour of the city and parts adjacent, residents said the college, since its establishment, has added quality to the educational sector, especially to youth of the county and other counties in the region.

According to them, the privately-run institution operated by a prominent citizen of the county in person of Dr. Emmanuel Bravy-Dyujay Daykeay, continues to offer programs and services that make a real difference in the lives of Grand Bassa youth and Liberians at large.

They pointed out that the institution, since its establishment, has been complementing the effort of national government in providing quality education to the youthful population of the country.

“For me, I think this college is among the best in this country. It is fast-growing among many newly established colleges in the country, and most of all, this institution has endeavored to provide education for many young citizens of the county and Liberia in general,” said Romeo Saygar, a resident of the Sayepu Hill Community in Buchanan City.

“Education is a critical issue of national concern that can’t just be handled by national government alone. It needs institutions like these that will complement government’s effort. For us, such institution needs to be supported through subsides by national government,” Romeo, 28, continued.

Madam Marie Jimmy, a resident of the Fair Ground Community, also praised Dr. Daykeay for taking up the courage to establish the college in the county.

The 58-year-old public school teacher urged the Government of Liberia (GoL) through the Ministry of Education to institute direct policy aimed at promoting higher learning, by supporting private sector’s initiative such as that of Vision College.

“Taking into consideration the growing students’ population in Buchanan and other parts of Grand Bassa, least to speak about nearby counties such as Sinoe end River Cess, the Grand Bassa Community College, which is the only publicly-run higher institution of learning cannot accommodate these students. So, I think that Vision College has come as a savior to buttress the effort of government,” Madam Jimmy lauded.

“The last time we held a one-day forum aimed at preventing teenage and early age pregnancy, and this program was intended to encourage our young girls’ enrollment in school. But frankly speaking, such program can never succeed in the absence of education providers, and this is where institutions like Vision has come in,” she said.

On the heels of these commendations, the Management of Vision College has vowed to continue its zest in providing quality education for the growth and development of the country.

In an exclusive interview, the Founder of the Vision College, Dr. Daykeay, said programs of the school are aimed at supporting the government’s “Pro-Poor” Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).

He asserted that Vision College is an institution that endeavors to stimulate academic excellence.

“We aim for a holistic approach to education by providing an enjoyable student experience.At Vision, our mandate for academic excellence is driven by our steadfast commitment to developing professionals and sought-after leaders. We have a proud tradition of quality instruction and looking forward to producing well-rounded graduates, tailored to their respective fields to meet the ever-evolving professional, healthcare and business environment,” said Dr. Daykeay.

He explained that the College will uncompromisingly educate Liberians in a bid to enable them develop professionally.

On the issue of the school’s prolonged accreditation, Dr. Daykeay said the school is in the process of attaining its accreditation and is abiding by all rules and guidelines from the National Commission on Higher Education (NCHE), the government’s institution responsible for accrediting institution of higher learning.

Mrs. Helena Chilar, Interim President of Vision College, in a statement, pointed out that the school is a blessing to Grand Bassa County.

For the past two years, she said the institution has been contributing to the educational sector of the county and Liberia in general.

“I am from Sinoe County, but I agreed to work for Vision College because I love Education. Education is a human right, and Vision College, to have a voice. And I will call it out for what that expression is – it is xenophobic. The impact it has on our community and all who strive for a diverse and inclusive community is profound – it attacks our core values, it directly degrades Liberian, and it strikes at our very humanity. No one in our community can claim to be ignorant of the horrible history and meaning of discriminatory and its damaging effects,” she stated.

“Upon assuming my role five months ago, I have stated at every opportunity that diversity and inclusion is our institution’s number one priority. We are profoundly clear that Vision College is a place where discrimination is not welcome, where love and tolerance define us, and where we strive and will help society to be better. We are making significant progress to be a leader among universities in diversity and inclusion, and this incident does nothing but further our resolve,” the acting President of Vision College maintained.




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