LBR On Track With President Weah’s Plan

LBR On Track With President Weah’s Plan

The Liberia Business Registry(LBR) has officially launched its first ever website and online application platforms intended to alleviate the constraints people encounter when registering their businesses with the Government of Liberia(GoL).

This is a joint initiative of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MOC), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs(MFA), the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning(MFDP) as well as the National Social Security and Welfare Corporation.

Launching the well-attended program that brought together an array of government and non-government officials, was Mr. Boakai Fofana, Deputy Minister for Technical Services at the Ministry of Information, who lauded the LBR team for what he termed as a remarkable job well done in keeping with President George Manneh Weah’s plan that Liberia is open for business.

According to him, it was just last year October when President Weah formed the team at LBR to bring about transformation in the business sector, stating that the job done so far indicates a clear manifestation of how young people are prepared to make change in the society when given the opportunity.

“ The LBR has done a remarkable job in keeping with the President Plan. It is so outstanding of what the team has done from October last year setup. Imagine it used to take up to 18days to open up a business, unlike now where it will take 24 to 72 hours to have your certificate. This is a testament that young people when given the opportunity can do quite exemplary a lot. On behalf of the GOL through the Boss, Eugene Nagbe at MICAT, I officially launch this new website of the LBR . the website address is,” added the key launcher.

Making remarks also was Mr. Monie Captan ,the Chief Executive Officer of the Millennium Challenge Account-Liberia, who also noted that the launch of the website and online application is a major achievement for doing business much easier business in the country.

According to him, the new project is not only easier and fast, but it brings along lot of transparency in such a way that prevent clients from paying lot of transaction costs when passing through one person to another person to have their business registered.

On the other hand, Captan recommended to the LBR team to ensure that the project be sustained and maintained even after a decade. He said Liberia is good at starting new projects, but fail to sustain and maintain those projects until they can collapse.

“But my advice to the LBR is to ensure that there is a sustainability plan attached to this project because a lot of times, we start new projects, but after coupled of months, they fade away. We want to see to it that after 10 years, this system can still be functional, ” he stated
At the same time, Captan said the need for a strategic communication plan in order to send the message across the wider society should be taken into consideration by the LBR.

“There also needs to be a strategic communication plan attached to this plan to educate people. When the people are not educated on what to do, they will not be able to use the good service that has been launched today. There should be a hotline to this service,” Captan, amongst other things, added.

For his part, the Registrar General of the LBR, Mr. Samson M.Dee, told the gathering that the successful work done today was challenging from the beginning.

He said the project is not about LBR, but for the business sector in providing the opportunity that will alleviate the pains associated with people wanting to register their business enterprises.

Said the LBR Boss: “This is not about us, but for the business community. This is about providing the opportunity wherein people will not transport themselves from Ganta and other parts of the country and the world, but they will sit in their comfort zone either in their living room or centers to just apply online for their churches, schools, or business enterprises.”

Meanwhile, the LBR Boss assured the public that they are going to ensure that the communication will reach the last to reach area so that the public can have access to the new system.

“We are going to take this communication to the last to reach area to ensure that people all over the area can form part of this digitalization process. We are going to translate the message into our simple English very soon and we will be launching our call centers as well to positively impact our people,” he further assured.

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