Mr. Floyd Oxley Sayor, NEC Commissioner-Designate Mr. Floyd Oxley Sayor, NEC Commissioner-Designate

Civil Society Group Gratified By Floyd Oxley Sayor Nomination


The Consortium of Civil Society Organization of Liberia has congratulated President Dr. George Manneh Weah for the nomination Mr. Floyd Oxley Sayor, Director of the Data processing Unit of the NEC, as a commissioner of the NEC.

In a press release issued in Monrovia, the civil society group said it is overwhelmingly gratified by the nomination, saying such a brilliant decision embodies the prospect for the NEC Board of Commissioners to have a member with the technical know-how necessary for complementing the commissioners’ duty of supervision and oversight of the Data Processing Department which plays a crucial role at that institution during elections.

“The consortium is of the belief that amid these times when there exists the competing needs from opposing parties in any given election being held under the supervision of the commission for Raw Data to be treated with utmost care as to preserve their integrity and ensure that they are process consistent with the standards associated with best practice, the inclusion on the Board of Commisioners of Mr. Sayor who brings several years of experience in trainings and practices, especially having had the opportunity to serve in such a capacity during sensitive election periods in our post-war nation history, will enable the commissioners to ably supervise and professionally manage upcoming elections in manners that help derail election tensions most probable to be caused by tenuous handling of crucial numerical data depended on by opposing parties at elections to protect their chances for runoff or winning.”

“We are strongly optimistic that with the wealth of academic and field experiences possessed by Mr. Sayor, transparency and best standards shall be the hallmark of his service on the Board of Commissioners and his amiable and amenable character shall be of vital utility in the good working relationship required with his Co-Commissioners.

As our assessment has shown,we are convinced that Mr. Sayor is adecent character, a family man which status guarantees his being cautious and reliable in the discharge of duty on whose execution rests the peace and stability of a fragile, post-war nation whose people, mostly impoverished and illiterate, are vulnerable to the influence of violence and civil disruption under periods of election controversies,” the group pointed out.

Meanwhile, the Consortium of Civil Society Organization of Liberia again congratulated President Weah for the appointment and pleaded with the senate to move speedily and confirm this “hardworking, trustworthy and professional son of the soil whose years of service in the public space demonstrates his diligence and sense of patriotism for the people of Liberia and the preservation of the peaceof a fragile, post-war nation”.

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