Rep. Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa Poses For A Photograph at his Constituency Rep. Cllr. Jonathan Fonati Koffa Poses For A Photograph at his Constituency

Rep. Koffa Presents Second Annual Report to Constituents

Grand Kru County District # 2 Representative,Cllr. Jonathan FonatiKoffa, has formally presented his second annual report to his constituents.

In his presentation, Rep. Koffa said, “Tonight, I want to give you an abbreviated version of my annual report because of the current state of the global pandemic of corona virus which recently made entry into Liberia, mandates that we comply with presidential directive and health advice to develop a regime of safety and precaution including what is now referred to as social distancing.”

Rep. Koffain formed his constituents that their work during the 2nd sitting of the 54th Legislature included several landmark pieces of Legislation most notable of which was the Domestic Violence Act of 2019 which had linger in the legislature for over 6 years. This act provides protection for women men and children against sexual based violence.

“We were happy to bring critical legal expertise to a legislative compromise that will allow this piece of legislation to be finally signed into law. We also directed a fix in the Civil Service Commission law as mandated by the plenary of the House of Representatives; we voted to approve a budget of over 500 million for fiscal year 2019/2020 during an extraordinary session as proposed by the House Ways and Means Committee on which our colleague, Hon. Nathaniel Bahway serves as a member,” the astute Liberian lawyer stated.

“On the local front in district 2, we began the sitting with the initiation of three critical projects on our 6 Years Development Agenda unveiled at our last annual report namely the George T Worjloh Elementary School in Sasstown, the Taybue Elementary School and the Chemgbettee Elementary School.As we speak, all three of 3 schools projects are slated to be completed at the end of this year. We note that our time scheduled for completion is flexible because of road condition in getting the supplies on site and recently discovered thievery of cement and materials at our Chemgbetee and Taybue sites,” he further stated.

“We are taking critical steps to develop project management teams that will assist in the management of materials on site and give the community ownership of the various projects. It is sad that residents would choose to buy stolen cement and construction materials and thereby increasing the cost of projects and depriving the community of a common good. I take full responsibility for the way in which the projects are being handled and in consultation with the county authority I’ve taken the necessary steps to ensure the project sites material are protected and project implementation go on as plan,” continued the prominent Grand Kru lawmaker.

Still on the local front, Rep. Koffa disclosed that his scholarship program benefited over 224 students in 15 schools across the district for a total of over $280,000 Liberian dollars, stressing that in addition, “we were able to grant personal financial assistance to individual and community groups in the tone of $471,000 Liberian dollars in County and $28,000 United States dollars for Grand Kru citizens and organization outside of the county.” 

Touching on the international front, he, among other things, propounded: “We were pleased to be invited to join H.E. Dr. George Manneh Weah for an ECOWAS extraordinary session in Niamey, Niger. We were also pleased to be invited by his Excellency to join him in France for the Paris Peace Conference and to Dubai for the 5th Annual Global Business Forum for Africa. We were also pleased to be appointed to the delegation to travel to Washington DC to lobby the United States Congress on behalf of the Republic of Liberia. During all of these trips, we were able to develop important networks that we believe will yield fruit to our district and county in the future.”

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