Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Smith Toby Deputy Presidential Press Secretary, Mr. Smith Toby

All Liberians Conference on Dual Citizenship Underway in Monrovia

A group representing over 5,000 Liberians in the United States of America under the banner All Liberians Conference on Dual Citizenship is expected in the country from January 27 to 31 2020 to stimulate discussion amongst Liberians on the need to pass the Dual Citizen Bill proposed by President George Manneh Weah during his First State of the Nation Address in 2018.

It can be recalled that in his State of the Nation Address, the one-week old President on Monday, January 22, 2018 expressed disagreement with the issue of dual citizenship as emphasized in the Liberian Constitution, and termed it as "being racist and unnecessary”.

The President opined that those clauses were placed within the constitution due to threats and fear then by the white, something he thinks, no longer exist in present day realities.

"I, therefore, strongly recommend and propose that consideration should be given to removing the issue of dual citizenship through the appropriate measures within our laws of amending our laws," the Liberian Leader asserted.

Since then, the President pronouncement has sparked up different debates with others saying that the President posed bill is not in the interest of Liberians, mainly at the time he had declared that Liberians will not be spectators in their own economy, while others support the President recommendation, saying it will create room for employment opportunities and economic growth.

Speaking to Executive Mansion Reporters at its regular Tuesday’s Presidential Press Updates at the Executive Mansion yesterday, Deputy Presidential Press Secretary (DPPS), Mr. Smith Toby, told reporters that President Weah has already granted the group’s request to come to Liberia and host the All Liberian Conference on Dual Citizenship.

He said, the group’s discussion is in the interest of the President and he is elated that some Liberians in the diaspora have seen the need to champion the discussion to ensure that all Liberians are come together under one voice for the bill to be passed into law.


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