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Mr. Akosa Ike Speaking To the Liberian Media recently Mr. Akosa Ike Speaking To the Liberian Media recently

Naturalized Liberian Demands Justice - Decries ‘Xenophobic’ Treatment

A naturalized Liberian has accused the Chief Accident Investigator of the Liberia National Police (LNP) and the entire department of instituting what he described as ‘xenophobic’ treatment against him.

Xenophobic means having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries.

Speaking recently at a news conference on the Old Road, outside Monrovia, Mr. Akosa Ike, whose car was involved in an accident with a Libra Sanitation truck sometimes in 2017, asserted that police have failed to process the report that would have taken them to court.

According to him, instead of probing into the nitty-gritty of the matter, he has continuously been labeled as a Nigerian, something which he termed as ‘xenophobia’ at its highest peak.

Akosa, who is also the Chairperson of the Board of Incorporators of the Smythe Institute of Management and Technology (SIMT), explained that the Libra Sanitation truck in question ran into his vehicle in 2017 around the John F. Kennedy Medical Center in Sinkor, Monrovia, lamenting that he almost got killed in the accident had it not been the Almighty God’s protection.

He said the diagram that was taken on the spot by police at the Airfield Depot got missing surreptitiously, thus prompting him to forward the complaint to Chief Accident Investigator Fred Gaye, but since then nothing tangible has been done about the case.

“I wrote Joma Jallah, then Traffic Judge, and he instructed the police to conduct speedy investigation into the matter. And I said I never trusted the guy from the Airfield Depot anymore because I think that he was not a neutral man to continue this case. Because of my request, they sent for a new investigator from Tubmanburg; yet, there was no report into it. I wrote Judge Jallah again, who summoned the both of us. Judge Jallah ordered hearing for both of us, and up to now, nothing yet has been done,” decried the Liberian educator.

“Whenever we go to the hearing, instead of addressing the tangible issue, all they can do is to label me as a Nigerian pappay, and this, I feel is wrong on the part of the police. Using nationality to refer to me in such an issue is unfair to me,” he stated.

Meanwhile, Akosa has threatened to take Investigative Chief Gaye to the law and could go as high as the ECOWAS Court if he doesn’t get justice in Liberia.

“Mr. Fred Gaye must allow the report to be released, so that if I am not satisfied, I will proceed to the traffic court. And if at all that I cannot get justice, I will proceed to the ECOWAS Court,” Ike threatened.

“I think this is xenophobia of the highest order meted against me by Fred and his guys. I don’t deserve such treatment, because I have contributed immensely to the education and socio-economic development of this country,” he, among other things, added.

When contacted, Chief Investigator Gaye denied any wrongdoing, thus blaming delay into investigation to the accuser (Mr. Ike).

According to him, police have on numerous occasions invited parties to the case, but it is Mr. Ike who has refused to show up.

“We have called this case over 10 times now, but Mr. Ike has not been able to show up. For each time we schedule a meeting between both parties, it is the Libra people that can come,” said Gaye.

“Instead of coming, he can always send a proxy; I think a guy who works with his newspaper. We don’t conduct accident investigation in that manner, especially when he, himself was driving the car when the incident occurred,” he furthered.

“One thing he stated and which we did was that he wanted the first investigator to recuse himself, and which I ordered and it was done,” he noted.

Asked as to whether the initial diagram from the accident went missing, he answered in the affirmative.

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