Sinoe Budget Analyst Arrested For ‘Stealing’’ 40 MIA Employees' Salaries

Police in Greenville are holding in custody Prince Myers, the Budget Analyst of Sinoe County, on allegations he has been illegally withdrawing salaries belonging to some 40 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs (MIA).

After his arrest at the bank where he was believed to be executing his usual business as alleged, the investigative committee set up by the office of the County Superintendent says that Myers admitted to committing the crime, claiming that he was acting upon a “mandate” given hem by some “big hand” within the local government.

Consequently, the Committee recommended that he be immediately dismissed as budget analyst, prosecuted, and be made to refund the money he withdrew over the period.

Myers’s arrest by the police set off after the Management of the branch of GN Bank operating in the county wrote the local government, indicting Myers for a fraudulent act.

The Bank’s communication, dated September 27, 2019, puts it straight that Myers’ “constant” behavior to take money from the employees’ accounts was found to be illegal, and that it was important to alert the county administration.

The local manager of GN Bank, Joseph Tuwuo, told the Liberia News Agency that: “For so long, even before taking up assignment here, records from the previous Bank management team have proven that the MIA Budget Analyst has been carrying on such an act.”

According to Tuwuo, the suspect would do so at the Bank’s branch in Greenville and other branches elsewhere in the country.

Myers’ excuse would be that the employees whose money he would go and receive are those [who have not been active on the job] so he replaced them with other persons, said Tuwuo.

The suspect assumed the post of local Budget Analyst of the MIA in March 2018.

Meanwhile, several employees affected by the alleged action of Myers want Superintendent Lee Nagbe Chea, the County Legislative Caucus, and the Minister of Internal Affairs to ensure that they get paid.

Supt. Chea told LINA he would reserve comment on the matter, for now. Adding: “I am not in the position to speak to journalists.”

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