Sehyimpa-Lougoatuo Road Building In Sight, Local Leaders Introduce Chinese Firm

Sanniquillie City was the scene of joy as authorities of Nimba County introduced road builders, China Railway Seventh Construction Company, as the winner of an International Competitive Bidding process (ICB) to citizens and local stakeholders as the company responsible to pave the stretch of road from Sehkimyipa to Lougoatuo around Liberia’s border with the Ivory Coast.

Speaking to a crowd of jubilant citizens in Sanniquillie at a program organized to bring executives of the company face-to-face with locals at the weekend, Nimba County Superintendent, D. Dorr Cooper, said the gathering was meant to afford citizens the opportunity to first know that the road project is in sight, know who are those to construct their road and also afford them (citizens) the opportunity to interact with executives of the company ahead of the work.

The government of Liberia through the Ministry of Public Works on October 25, 2018 announced that it had secured 6 million Euro as grant from the European Union (EU) for the pavement of the stretch of road that leads to one of the country’s major income generating borders - the Lougoatuo Port of Entry - which is the border between Liberia and the Ivory Coast.
According to Superintendent Cooper, all is now set for the commencement of the project and President George Manneh Weah will visit the county to break ground for the road construction in November this year.
The deplorable condition of the stretch of road has been a major concern to citizens of the county as there have been many calls on the county authorities to allot money from the county’s coffers for the reconditioning of the road due to its importance to the promotion of trade and revenue generation.
“The coming in of the company will create jobs for locals of the county,” said Superintendent Cooper as he admonished citizens not to get involved with anything that will serve as impediment to the company’s work.

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