Scenes From The Horrific Incident At The Koranic School In Bassa Town In The Commercial Hub Of Red Light Scenes From The Horrific Incident At The Koranic School In Bassa Town In The Commercial Hub Of Red Light

No Foul Play - Investigation Into Tragic Fire Incident Out

Authorities of the Liberia National Fire Service (LNFS) have released the outcome of an investigation launched into the recent horrific fire incident that claimed the lives of 26 school-going kids and two Arabic teachers in the Hostel of the Koranic School in the Bassa Town Community situated in the commercial hub of Red Light, Paynesville, outside Monrovia.

It could be recalled that on September 17, 2019 fire gutted the Islamic school in the Bassa Town Community killing the 26 students and two teachers. All 26 students were males between the ages of 10 and 20.

Hover, two kids miraculously survived the fire incident.

Releasing the report on Monday, September 30, 2019, the Director General of the LNFS, Colonel Alex Dixon, said the incident occurred as a result of electrical shock.

According to the Fire Service boss, the house in question was built with just one entrance, which made it very difficult for the victims to escape.

“What happened was as a result of electrical shock and nothing else as being perceived by others. We collected debris from the fire and conducted a comprehensive test and what we realized was that the incident was caused by electrical shock,” said the Fire Service boss.

The investigation by the LNFS came on the heels of mounting rumors in some quarters of the Liberian society suggesting foul play into the scaring incident.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the incident was ordered by President George MannehWeah, who early Wednesday morning, September 18, 2019, visited the scene of the fire disaster and promised the Muslim community of government’s cooperation and provision of the necessary resources to thoroughly investigate the cause of the fatal incident.

“It is completely heartbreaking and unfortunate that we lost this high number of innocent citizens to fire. On behalf of my government, I extend sincere sympathies,” the President told the crowdand the community residents who had gathered to behold the tragic scene.
The President assured the families and Muslim community that government would have workwith them to investigate the cause of the fire and to assist the bereaved families in any way possible and provide assistance to four others said to be in critical condition at a local hospital.
The Liberian Leader, accompanied by several officials of government, described as unfortunate, pitiful and horrific the fire incident that has befallen the nation and the Muslim community.
“I was touched by the terrible news and decided to rush here this morning to see for myself the families of the children and the community leadership to extend my sympathy,” the President said. “It is saddening even when a single citizen dies; what much more about 28 children, potential leaders, who were aspiring for a better and prosperous future.”
President Weah stated: “It is saddening to mourn the loss of these of kids, just after few days when we came together to celebrate the home-coming of Muslim pilgrims from Mecca. Please take solace in the Almighty Allah during these trying times because he is the creator—the giver and retriever of life.”
“Let Allah give you strength to continue what you were doing for the deceased children for other children so that they become good citizens,” he told the bereaved families.
The Liberian Leader called on Liberians irrespective of their religious beliefs to pray for the bereaved families during their difficult and trying times.
The children, according to the Grand Mufti of Monrovia, ShiehAbubakarSumarou, wereburied in a mass grave after the funeral rites

At the same time, President Weahdeclared Thursday, September 19, 2019 a National Day of Mourning in remembrance of the fire victims.
The President ordered the National Ensign to be flown at half-mast.
While the day was being observed as a working holiday, President Weah called on all Liberians and foreign residents alike, irrespective of their religious beliefs and ethnicities, to conduct themselves in solidarity with the Muslim Community and families of the dead in their difficult times.
“This is an extremely difficult moment, not only for the bereaved family but also for us all as a country,” the President said. “We must be united in good times as well as in difficult times.”

The incident was occasioned by sorrow and weeping as tears ran down the cheeks of onlookers, especially as the kids were being placed into different body bags before being exhumed.

“I counted 22 bodies; one room had 15 bodies. I mean 15 persons were seen lying in that room being burnt to ashes,” said an eye witness, only identified as Akoi.

Akoi, who is also a resident of the Bassa Community, indicated that several efforts exerted to save the kids did not materialize due to the solidness of the building and the iron bars at the various windows.

“It was in the night when we got there. We were using rocks and sticks to out-root the window bars, because that was the only mean that we had as there were no materials,” he explained.

Montserrado County Electoral District #5 Representative, Thomas F. Fallah, in whose district the infamous incident occurred, equally regretted the situation.

“To all of us; the bereaved family, we regret the situation. As you can see, we are in full representation-the President of the country is here as well,” he stated.


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