Public Works Minister Mabutu Vlah Nyenpan Public Works Minister Mabutu Vlah Nyenpan

As Works Minister Denies Receiving US$29M - Conflicting Accounts Over Road Fund

There are conflicting accounts over the contentious Road Fund as Liberia’s Public Works Minister, MabutuVlahNyenpan, has denied before members of the House of Representatives of ever receiving any money or US$29M in the National Budget for the Fiscal Year 2018/2019 from said fund.

It could be recalled that former Associate Justice KabinehJa’neh was on March 29, 2019 impeached from his position after majority members of the Liberian Senate, otherwise known as the Upper House of the Liberian Legislature, voted to remove him over his role in the Road Fund.

His removal was triggered by a writ of prohibition he filed on December 11, 2017 to place an injunction against the expending of the Road Fund.

In his Writ of Prohibition, former Associate Justice Ja’neh instructed the respondent (MFDP, LPRC, and MPW) to stay all further actions, and the parties were ordered to return to status quo ante.

Appearing before the Plenary of the House of Representatives on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, Minister Nyenpan refuted information that he ever received US$29M, which the lawmakers claimed, was approved by them in the National Budget for the Fiscal Year 2018/2019 through the Road Fund.

Plenary is the highest decision making body of the House of Representatives, also known as the Lower House of the bicameral Legislature of Liberia.

The Works Minister was invited by members of that august body to give reasons why many of the feeder roads across the country, especially within the nation’s capital, Monrovia, and its environs are getting damaged.

“Let me be very clear here, on the issue of the road fund, I want to clarify here that our budget last year did not capture the road fund. We did not receive up to even 60% of our budget; only 40%, which is a little of US$20M out of the US$48M was received,” stated Works Minister.

He expressed the hope and prayed that the new budget for the fiscal year 2019/2020 will capture the Road Fund.

Minister Nyenpan’s clarification awakens new debate as to how money lawmakers claimed were approved under the budget from the Road Fund has been expended.


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