‘My Character Is Impeccable’ - Investigation Backs LWSC Boss’ Public Declaration

‘My Character Is Impeccable’ - Investigation Backs LWSC Boss’ Public Declaration

An in-depth investigation conducted by the Independent Authoritative Heritage has found out no trace or incontestable evidence linking the Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), Mr. Duannah A. Kamara, to fraud or any act of malpractices in all of the places he has worked, including his current place of work (LWSC), contrary to allegations in some quarters of the Liberian society that he was involved malpractices or fraud in those places he worked .

Our investigation, which is corroborated by credible documents and multiple independent sources, was prompted by an open public declaration by MD Kamarathat his character impeccable character and has worked over the years to build said character and based on that this paper decided to establish via scrupulous investigation whether the public declaration by the LWSC Boss is factual or a Public Relation Stunt.

MD Kamara, who made the open declaration on Thursday, September 5, 2019 when he spoke at the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism(MICAT) Regular Press Briefing in Monrovia, threw out a challenge to those who are in the habit of besmearing his hard earned character to stop as they have no evidence.

The LWSC Boss had gone to the MICAT Briefing to speak on the current development at the LWSC. Among other things, the Corporation is involved in the management, development, construction, installation, manufacture, operation, transmission, distribution, sale and supply to all areas of water and sewage services and of equipment and facilities related thereto.

Irresistibly, during our investigation it was discovered that the incessant allegations against MDKamara are purely propaganda intended to besmear the hard earned repetition of a principled, dedicated and competent public servant who has worked over the years to build his character and continues to serve his country diligently.

Cogent documents in possession of the Heritage divulged that Mr. Kamara, who is also a Professor of Accounting at the University of Liberia (UL), before coming to the LWSC, worked at several high profile institutions and in key positions.

Some of them include: African Development Bank(AfDB), USAID/IBI GEMS Project, Liberia National Red Cross Society, Population Service International (PSI), USAID-LASS/Project, Ministry of Finance-Bureau of General Accounting(BGA) and Access Bank Liberia.

Importantly, our investigation further established that Prof. Kamara went through rigorous vetting processes before he was employed at the three American institutions, namely: USAID/IBI GEMS Project(Director of Administration and Finance), USAID-LASS Project(Financial Consultant) and Population Service International(PS) as Director of Administration and Finance including the AfDB where he served as Administrative and Finance Manager and was later given a Note of No Objection by the President of the AfDB to serve as an independent Board Member of Access Bank Liberia while serving with the AfDB.

From all indications and in our judgment, the LWSC Boss is one of the dedicated, trusted, committed and competent officials of President Dr. George Manneh Weah and the tremendous works he is doing at the LWSC despite the challenges speak for themselves.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kamara, during the MICAT Press Briefing, outlined several challenges being faced by the Corporation relative to the provision of safe drinking water across the country, and on the other hand, named the prospects.

According to Mr. Kamara, the Corporation is providing water for over 1.5 million people throughout the country, and therefore, there is an urgent need for all Liberians to help the institution collect the needed revenue in order to allow it operates properly.

He said the main pipe that is pumping water from the Mount Coffee Power Plant has lasted for more than 52 years and this is making it increasingly difficult to allow them operate properly, thus denting the institution’s revenue generation.

However, amid these challenges, he reckons there are lights at the tunnel.

“While in South Africa few months back I met with the World Bank and they promised to help in the construction of new pipesthat will help many Liberians have access to better water services throughout the country,” he disclosed.
He asserted that much improvement is being carried on by the LWSC within recent months.

“New pipes are constructed and many communities are reaping the benefits and many more will reap those benefits across Monrovia and its environs. Over 10,000 homes will have access to quality water,” Kamara assured.
He said if all is done, the corporation will start contributing immensely to government’s revenue generation through the National Budget.

MD Kamara said the LWSC will soon start pumping water from its Fish Market Station to the back of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning (MFDP) wherethey have their storages constructed by the World Bank and partners.
He disclosed that the institution is losing 78% revenue from its subscribers on a daily basis through what he called unscrupulous behavior, warning violators to desist from such unscrupulous behavior.

Meanwhile, the LWSC Boss has called on the Liberian Legislature to make water theft a non- billable crime in order to deter violators. 

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