Bishop Doyen Gives L$1.2 million Micro Loan To Marketers

Bishop Doyen Gives L$1.2 million Micro Loan To Marketers

In an effort to alleviate challenges that marketers are encountering as they carry out their business activities owing to the prevailing unfavorable economic condition in Liberia, Bishop Nimely Jackobly Donyen of the Independent Catholic of Liberia recently gave L$1.2m to several marketers as a micro credit loan.

Marketers of seven Marketing Associations were the direct beneficiaries of the loan include: the Rehab, Wein Marketing Associations as well as Pepperwu Marketing Association in Johnsonville. The others are: Yinnebo & Dorobo along with Kalluway and Jleybo Marketing Associations of Monrovia.

Speaking at the ceremony marking the presentation of the loan on the campus of the Cheerful Givers High School in the City View Community in Johnsonville, Bishop Donyen disclosed that he decided to find means that would help empower marketers as they do business under difficult economic environment in the country.

According to him, marketers really need financial assistance so as to enable them carry out a profitable business in order to sustain them and their families saying that some of them do not even have the capital because of constraints.

“The people do not have collaterals to qualify them acquire loans from banks to improve their businesses because of that they are only engaged with from ‘hand to mouth Business’,” he stated.

He furthered that the social status of the people trigged his emotion to lobby for the money because most of them are single parents who need to cater to their families while others who have husbands are not employed.

The Clergyman assured the marketers that the program will continue and that the amount will be increased steadily so that others marketers can have the opportunity to benefit as they repay the loan in time.

The Bishop of the Independent Catholic Church further said that he has passion to giving toward humanity that’s why he has been carrying out many impactful developmental activities in various communities.

“We built the market structures to improve the environment for the people so we are also providing the loan as a means of empowering them,” he stressed.

The elated beneficiaries of the loan especially those who received the first loan lavished praise on the Bishop along with his sponsors describing him as a true man of God who they maintained is preaching the words of God and also carrying out its mandate, they averred.

“The Bible said when someone is hungry, give him/her food; when thirsty, give water and if that person does not have clothes, also give him/her clothes, “they asserted.

According the marketers, the loan is actually manifesting its intention in their lives indicating that they do not do “Sell Pay “any more, meaning buying on credit or putting money together before being able to buy goods.
The Marketers then urged their colleague to be sincere to themselves by repaying the loan in time in order for them to continually benefit including others.

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