President George Manneh Weah Being Traditionally Welcomed By the People of Grand Gedeh President George Manneh Weah Being Traditionally Welcomed By the People of Grand Gedeh

Pres. Weah Vows Pavement of Ganta to Zwedru Road

GRAND GEDEH COUNTY, LIBERIA -President George Manneh Weah has vowed the pavement of the road leading from Ganta, Nimba County all the way to Zwedru, Grand Gedeh as part of his commitment towards development.

The Liberian leader made the promise as he stormed Grand Gedeh County during his ongoing ‘Citizens’ engagement county tour’ for the first six counties. Having travelled under extreme bad road condition from Ganta to Zwedru, he said he has realized that Liberia needs more development, and as such, he will not hesitate to do his utmost best to improve the livelihood of people living in rural areas through infrastructure and developmental initiatives. “On this trip, I am convinced that Liberia needs to be developed.

Here in the rural areas, many things need to be fixed, this is why I have started instructing my Finance Minister to make allocation for certain things,” stated President Weah. One of the major projects he promised to embark on before he leaves power is to construct not only the road from Ganta to Tapita, but also to connect the Tapita to Zwedru road so as to avoid the tough constraints that people encounter when traveling from those points to reach the capital, especially when transporting their agricultural products. According to him, if he will not achieve anything as head of state in his remaining three years the pavement of the roads connecting Ganta to Tapita and from Tapita to Zwedru remain a top priority.

President Weah disclosed that his government has already begun the negotiation with the World Bank to ensure that the South Eastern corridors construction is completed together. “We have started working on the work fellow citizens, and we cannot do the road from Ganta to Tapita and don’t do the one from Tapita to Zwedru. As we speak, we are talking with partners to include Tapita to Zwedru so that the two roads can finish the same time. You cannot spend three days on the road as the oldest independence country. So it’s underway. I, George Manneh ForkayKlon-JlalehGbekugbeh Weah, without boosting, it is the right thing to do and our partners do know that we must fix the corridors. If I will not achieve anything in this leadership you have given me, this road I can promise you that I will fix it,” he added.

Speaking further, he frowned at the deplorable conditions of rural citizens, lamenting that it is wrong to still see people living in huts in the 21st century of technology and modernization adding that living in huts has a psychological effect on the people. President Weah told Grand Gedeansin a townhall meeting at the weekend that it was unfortunate for his predecessors, who had governed the country for many years to have abandoned rural areas when they are aware that those rural citizens deserve to live in homes rather than huts. “I experienced it and that is why I left the Village to seek greener pasture in Montserrado.

I cannot be President and see that people still live in huts for 100 years, it’s wrong. We will do our best,” the President furthered. Since his ascendancy, President Weah recounted some of achievements as the construction of markets to the lightening of major street lights as well as tuition free school for public schools and amongst others, stressing that he is the first President to have done tremendously well in less than six years than the administration of his predecessors.
He, however, reassured the people of Grand Gedeh and Liberians that his administration will not let them down in providing them with basic necessities to improve lives.

At the same time, he encouraged the citizens and residents to remain peaceful and avoid acts that have the potential to undermine peace and stability in the country. The President cautioned Grand Gedeans not to chase away any politician from campaigning in the county if he or she wishes to do so,stating that such act has the potential to derail the democratic peace of Liberia. The Liberian chief executive told Grand Gedeans to adapt the spirit of dialogue and continue to hold together in peace and unity amongst themselves. Responding to the citizens’ quest for street lights, macro loans and others, President Weah assured the people that they wouldn’t be left behind in his Pro- Poor Agenda for Prosperity and Development (PAPD).


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