We Are Still Concerned!!

MONROVIA, LIBERIA -We are still concerned about the issue of overcrowdings at the various prisons in the country, particularly the Monrovia Central Prison, and the need to urgently address this seemingly old age problem by the Government of Liberia (GoL) through the relevant government functionaries, mainly the Ministry of Justice (MoJ), cannot be overstated.

We had and continue to observe that most, if not all of the prisons in the country, continue to be congested, which we consider as a bad omen for our country. Local and international human rights and pro-democracy institutions, including the media had persistently highlighted the congestions of prisons in the country and underscored the need for the government to adequately address this growing problem. While we sincerely acknowledge some of the strides the government had made in addressing this problem, we, on the hand, encourage the government to do more in addressing this seemingly life threatening problem, as it has the propensity of causing an outbreak of an epidemic as well as denting our nascent democracy.

We are deeply worried and even afraid that this growing problem could reach an exclusive point if it is not addressed satisfactorily. We plead with the Ministry of Justice to do everything to reduce congestions at the various prisons in the country in the interest of the inmates and the rule of law. It is our hope that the government will do more in tackling the issue of congestions at various prisons with specific reference to the Monrovia Central Prison

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