Over US$10KMedical Benefits’ Saga Who’s Telling The Truth? -CDC Officials Or Dillon

Over US$10KMedical Benefits’ Saga Who’s Telling The Truth? -CDC Officials Or Dillon

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - With less than one month to the much publicized December 8, 2020 Special Senatorial Election, there have been bitter exchanges between officials of the campaign team of the ruling Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) on one hand, and Montserrado County Senator Abraham Darius Dillon on the other hand, with the previous (CDC officials) accusing the latter of under declaring his assets.

One of CDC officials, Representative Acarous Moses Gray, who is the official spokesman of the CDC campaign team, in an interview with reporters in Monrovia recently, claimed that Senator Dillon of the Collaborating Political Parties (CPP) is a “fraudster and fake” by under declaring his assets, because according to Rep. Gray, he(Sen. Dillon) did not include his medical or constituency benefits, which amount to US$10,000. The Montserrado County Electoral District #8 lawmaker pointed out that the act allegedly committed by Sen. Dillon amounts to perjury, asserting that he(Dillon) lied under oath on account that he promised to report every cent and dollar that he would receive on Capitol Hill as benefits.

According to Rep. Gray, the alleged failure of Sen. Dillon to declare his constituency or medical benefits is a violation of the Administrative Code of Conduct. “The Code of Conduct says you cannot over declare nor can you under declare your assets. So Senator Dillon under declared his benefits and lied,” he averred. “He can be charged for perjury and can be charged for under declaration of assets. The matter is a criminal matter; there, Dillon is a criminal and must be treated by voters as a common criminal,” the Montserrado lawmaker accentuated. Also speaking on a local radio station earlier, Montserrado and CDC Senator Saah Joseph disclosed that some lawmakers, including Dillon received the said amount as medical allowances.

Sen. Joseph subsequently displayed copy of a check purported to be a check given to Sen. Dillon. Copy of that check has also been circulated on various social media platforms, including Facebook. However, while responding to the allegation Sunday, November 15, 2020, Senator Dillon described Sen. Joseph, Rep. Gray and other CDCians who are circulating the information as group of “gang” who don’t have anything tangible against him. He categorically rubbished the allegation, describing it as false and misleading and as such, he’s not bothered by such.

“The thing is, let’s assume that I received US$10,000 Dollars for medical benefit, and according to Saah Joseph and the CDC gangs, that I did not disclose it. The fact that they are saying it, don’t you think it is a battle won for transparency and accountability in government? Because that has been my advocacy; that when we receive any money, any benefit in the name of being lawmaker, we should let the people know. So, let assume that I receive it and didn’t say it and Saah Joseph says it, don’t you think we are winning? I think so,” he pointed out. “But you see, you cannot say what you don’t have. You can’t give what is not available. You can’t produce what does not exist. The difficulty that Saah Joseph and the entire CDC gang are facing with this US$10,000 medical benefit is because it does not exist. So they got to [duplicate] check,” Sen. Dillon averred.

He argued that the check flying on facebook is fake to the extent that it does not have any purpose which a government check should have. “What you see flying on social media is not something that bothers me because the people who put it there are people who don’t have character; they don’t have accountability,” the Montserrado County Senator intimidated. “When you want to take on me on something that you think will tint or dent my characters, you got to be strong, you got to be authentic and you got to be credible about it,” he, among other things, asserted. Meanwhile, the million dollar question on the lips of some key political commentators regarding the US$10K Medical Benefits’ saga, is that, who is telling the truth?-CDC’s Officials or Dillon.


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