Independence Day Orator Wants Death Penalty For Rapist

Independence Day Orator Wants Death Penalty For Rapist

MONROVIA, LIBERIA - “Liberia is now becoming a country where rape, which should be considered as an abominable act, is now like a culture of impunity,” the General Overseas of the Liberty Christian Center, Rev. Dr. Simeon Dunbar, has asserted.

Serving as Liberia’s 173rd Independence Day orator, Rev. Dunbar stressed that it is now time that rape needs to seize because it appears to be an everyday thing, something he described as so sad and needs to stop now.

Quoting the former American President Abraham Lincoln “ Those who denied freedom for others doesn’t not deserve it at all” and against this backdrop, he recommended the introduction of death penalty for rapists across the country.

According to him, they cannot rape innocent children and still walked freely in the streets. He averred that due to the rampant lawless and in humane behavior by some evil people, innocent children mainly females are now living in fear and abuse and it is about time that government takes a ridicule positions.

Speaking on the theme: “Standing Together in the time of pandemic,” Dr. Dunbar wondered how can the people stand together when injustices, rampant corruption, disobedience, including non-adherence to the rule of law, sexual violence, gender based violence, lack of patriotism, nepotism, lack of genuine reconciliation and lack of integrity and accountability are now the order of the day in the country.

The independence day orator observed that corruption is now a standard way of life for the vise majority. He intimated that love deficiency among the people   is one of the attributing factors for Liberia’s current condition.

Liberia, he noted, is poor because of the impunity, adding that there is little or no punishment for evil people. Addressing several national issues on Monday, July 27, 2020, Dr. Dunbar warned lawmakers in the country to refrain from breaking the laws of the country, which they themselves enacted.

Moreover, he cautioned police officers to desist from brutalizing innocent and peaceful citizens. “There should be no place in the society for jungle justice. It is also time to fight against the battle of discrimination.”

The 173rd Independence Day Orator, who began his oration by informing his audience that his oration should not been seen as a decent one, but as a message from the most high God, however, acknowledged some of the tangible infrastructure and other development projects under this current administration, but noted that more still need to be done.

He also was quick to mention that the fate of the Country does not depend only on the government rather through a united people, stressing that, “it is in our hands, collectively,my people”. “Indeed the change has come but where is the hope”, he asked.

The Liberian clergyman pointed out that on a daily basis the ordinary people ask series of questions but with no answers. Unlike in the past and due to the ongoing global health crisis, the celebration was graced by senior government officials and other key figures in the respective sectors of the country.

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