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‘We Are Struggling To Stay Alive During These Difficult Times’ - Deaf and Dumb Community in Liberia Laments

The Deaf and Dumb Community in Liberia has expressed serious disappointment over what it called the inability of the Government of Liberia (GoL), philanthropists, and other well-meaning people of Liberia as well as UN Agencies to come to their aid as a disadvantaged group after several pleas to them.

“Currently, we are struggling to stay alive during these difficult times,” Mr. Abdullah Tani Konateh,co-chairman of the board of directors at the Wubu Foundation for Deaf Children, lamented.

He told the Heritage that the organization is presently in dire need of food items, sanitary and educational supplies to enable them battle the COVID-19 crisis.
He recalled that since the outbreak of the health crisis in the country, the deaf community has not received any donations from the government, including any organizations. Konateh asserted that the deaf community has also been left out of information sharing across the country.
Konateh wants mechanism put into place to help deaf people get public information through national television stations.
The co-chairman of the board of directors at Wubu Foundation then called on the government, philanthropic organizations, the UN Agencies and other well-meaning citizens donating to other people to also direct their donations to the Wubu Foundation to help safe the deaf community.

At the same time, the President of the Liberia National Association for the Deaf, Mr. David Tuazama, said the deaf community now has a school but no support to assist them.

According to him, the organization has been going to various radio stations and television stations to appeal for help but to no avail.
He added that the deaf, blind or visually impaired people are all citizens and should have equal rights and opportunities as talking and hearing people do.

On the issue of COVID-19 awareness, Tuazama expressed disappointment in the health authorities for not including signs to writings indicating when, where and how to wash hands.
“If given the opportunity, I am ready and prepare to meet President George Manneh Weah to ensure I bring forth our plights to help for a possible way out for us because, we are suffering and have been abandoned for the past time,” Tuazama lamented.
Meanwhile, the leadership of the deaf community has also called on the government through the Ministry of Education (MoE) to assist it with educational supplies such as ream of sheets, copy books, internet subscriptions, and at least a second hand printer to help keep the deaf kids learning, while staying home.


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