Could Social Distancing Be a Product of Spiritual Distancing? A Christian Perspective 

Dear God Almighty,

I'm exceedingly grateful to you for keeping me around. Thank you for Liberia and the rest of the world.

Father, in the past you used plagues and flood to teach some unforgettable lessons.I am wondering whether or not Coro is another teacher you've allowed to come and help us better understand your indispensability to our existence?
For several months now this thing called Corona virus has been raging, claiming the lives of thousands and seizing possession of thousands more across the world.

If Corona virus is another teacher of hard lessons, well, she's been a really horrible teacher. Notwithstanding, it seems she's compelled us to trust you more than we now do science, technology, our education, bank accounts, social and economic statuses and even nuclear powers.

Presently, we are not able to go to work, attend school, do our businesses, attend those social functions and activities that made some of us to keep a distance of more than six feet from you.

Some of us were the masters of our own little world and we justified our spiritual distancing with arguments like "I have to pay my bills, I have to feed my family, we are trying to make our country better, etc" and never had time to pause and say thank you Lord.

Well father, we can no longer do those things that were so important to the extent of keeping us a distance from you. In a time like this, many become religious as we did when bad teacher ebola came around, but permanent relationship with you matters.

Today, this despicable Coro lady has become a serious enemy to the world. People are using various weapons, including sanitizers, alcohol, chloroquine and other drug combinations.

One widely used weapon is the new term 'Social distancing'. God, this means that people can not even meet in large gatherings to worship you. Because some of us have kept far from you, ma Coro is keeping us far apart.

Lord, you said if we draw near to you, you will draw near to us. We beg you Father, we have learned the lessons. Countries like Italy, Spain, USA, China and others have scored high marks and are qualified to graduate from COVID-19 Institute of Hard Learning.

For us in Africa, we were refusing to learn at first, but we beg you graduate us as well on probation.We can't afford the graduation costs that Italy and other big countries are paying. Save us Lord.#socialdistancingcovid-19#

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