Who Is Jesus,  God Or Son of God?

I am flabbergasted when men and women of God continue this message of untruth that Jesus is God the father. Who is Jesus, God the father, or son of the father God? As we celebrate this Sunday in remembrance of the resurrection of the prophet and messiah Jesus, let's be reminded that we are celebrating a day that has nothing to do with Jesus' resurrection. There is nowhere in the Bible that requires us to celebrate or observe this day.

In 1John 1:1-10, he introduced who Jesus really  is by stating that Jesus was from the beginning which they heard about. This Jesus was the one they walked with, ate with, and beheld, and witnessed the miracles performed by him. This shows that the power of God the father was manifested in him and through him to give eternal life, jus like the prophets of old.

Jesus was a prophet ( Deut 18:18-19) and a messiah of God, who was declared to be the only begotten  son by God  in Hebrews 1:5. He is a representation (Light) of God that brings and gives hope to all that are hopeless according to 1John1:1-5.  Also in the gospel of John 1:1, he writes about the son  in the beginning who was the word with the father. In his diety he is a god but not the father. Example -Moses was a god to the Israelites but not God the father.

The Bible never mentioned observing or celebrating Easter Sunday but we do anyway. Why? Remember man made Jesus to be God but he was the begotten son not God.  Who are we truly celebrating on Easter Sunday, Jesus, or something different? Stay tuned and  stay safe from covid19. Rev Urias Dixon. 


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