Scene From The Cruel Act Being Meted out Against Journalist Christopher Walker at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia recently. Scene From The Cruel Act Being Meted out Against Journalist Christopher Walker at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia recently.

Police Brutality Again - Journalist Christopher Walker Victimized

It appearsthat the collaboration and smooth working relationship between Journalists and state security officers, mainly officers of the Liberia National Police(LNP) after series of conferences looks cosmetic.

Over the period reporters covering major functions, normally suffer police brutality, intimidation, assault and many others.

Though there have been scores of security and media dialogues aimed at having cordial media and security collaborations to help address the situation, the old age issue continues to persist as journalists in some instances are the most victims.

The debate for supremacy over who directly supersedes control of the public in terms of both information dissemination and security protection is still far fetched.

Realistically, the both have a crucial public role to play in society as one serves as the informer while the other is the protector.

On a general note the media looks for information to adequately provide the public, including the activities and operations of state security officers, while the police provide security for everyone including media practitioners.

However, the sticky issue in most cases is the fact that none of the two at a central point recognizes the role and importance of each other as battle for information versus battle to provide security protection becomes a terrible issue with the media always seen at the disadvantage end.

Recently at the Samuel Kanyan Doe Sports Complex in Paynesville City, outside Monrovia, another media security situation occurred when an accredited award winning Press Union of Liberia(PUL) Sports Journalist Christopher Walker fell prey to another security brutality.

Christopher Walker, as a sports journalist taking strategic photos on the perimeters of the field of which he was given all access pass due to his scope of work, allegedly got into a misunderstanding with police officers who wanted him out of the perimeters though he had all reasons to be there evidence of the all access pass delivered to him by the Ministry of Youth and Sports.

He is also one of the official sports journalists that was assigned at one of the four venues, Harper City, Maryland County to cover the preliminary stages of the National County Sports Meet, but unfortunately for him, he was heavily attacked and beaten by police officers after their alleged instructions for him to vacate the perimeters of the pitch failed.

Currently, the FrontPage Africa Reporter is nursing injury as a result of the pains and wounds he sustained during the police and journalist scuffle.

According to other sources, the police action came after they got overwhelmed by unauthorized people as well as other fans who invaded the pitch as beating was the order of the day though he(Journalist Walker), dressed in his FrontPage Africa jacket along with his official access pass, meaning he was fully  identified as a legal and accredited person to be allowed on the pitch to do his work.

Apparently, the police officers were perhaps acting under straight mandate with no room for a compromise and ignore him, thereby inflicting wounds on him.

Despite some interventions from heads of the PUL as well as the National Police, the situation is still yet to be addressed.

it can be recalled in early 2018, the Vice President of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia, Moses Garzeawu at the same SKD  venue was again assaulted by officers of the President as and also the president of the Sports Writers Association of Liberia Roland Mulbah also sustained wounds on the head by police at the ATS as only condemnation was the order of the day.

It was gathered that reporter Walker was single-handedly beaten while other unauthorized people on the perimeters were seen watching the episode.

In most instances, according to reports, the police and other state security individuals misused their function and overlooked the role of the media due to their security supremacy.

The situation has been widely condemned across the country.

Meanwhile, investigation on the issue is said to be ongoing in the midst of that Journalist Walker is now nursing his multiple injuries inflicted on him by the police and other multiple security officers as the media has so far described Walker’s situation as an attack to the entire media landscape of the country.


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