On ‘Weah Step Down’ Campaign - Cummings Opens Up

On ‘Weah Step Down’ Campaign - Cummings Opens Up Featured

The Political Leader of the opposition Alternative National Congress (ANC), Mr. Alexander B. Cummings, has again slammed demand for democratically elected President, George Manneh Weah to step down from his post.

Mr. Cummings, who is also one of the critical and leading opposition voices in the country, said any demand for a democratically elected president is treasonable, and as such, he wouldn’t be involved into such call.

The ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’ is being planned by the Council of Patriots (COP), the same group that organized the June 7, 2019 protest to demand reforms in the Weah’s Government.

Mr. Cummings and other members of the other three collaborating political parties, namely: the Liberty Party (LP), the former ruling Unity Party (UP) and All Liberian Party (ALP) are all part of the COP.

Controversial Political Talk Show Host, Mr. Henry P. Costa, is spearheading the much publicized ‘Weah Step Down Campaign’. Costa, whose radio station, Roots FM was shut down by the Weah’s Government a fortnight ago, has bitterly intensified his criticism against the regime. Among other things, Costa alleged that the people of Liberia are tired dealing with the hardships created as a result  of the incompetence and bad governance of the Weah led- Government and that it is about time that President Weah takes his exit.

But the allegation by Costa has since been rubbished by the government and its supporters.

 Notwithstanding, Mr. Cummings, speaking further, pointed out that, while he supports any action that tends to hold the Coalition for Democratic Change (CDC) led- Government to its feet, any other action to demand the president to vacate his elected position is unnecessary and people found of that could be charged for treason, which is first degree felony under the Liberian law.

The ANC leader was speaking Tuesday, November 26, 2019 when he appeared on “50-50” on Sky FM in Monrovia.

“If you ask me, do you support the protest, I will definitely tell you yes, but I think to call on the president to step down from his elected position is not necessary and such call amounts to treason. It is treasonable and so I will not support this,” emphasized the ANC political leader.

Besides being treasonable, the prominent Liberian opposition politician, among other things, added that it is also undemocratic and a “wrong move” at the moment.

Mr. Cummings is not the first opposition figure to speak so strongly against the call by the COP-it has been earlier condemned by Bomi County Senator, Sando D. Johnson, who asserted that such demand has the propensity to cause serious chaos in the country.

Sen. Johnson, while appearing on a talk show on Prime FM inMonroviarecently, called on planners of the 31 December "step down campaign" against President Weah to abandon their quest to avoid a recurrence of killings, rape and destruction of properties here.

"We went through long civil crisis in this country. You know exactly what happened to us here; our mothers, our sisters were raped and killed in the bushes, even in the cities. Do we want recurrence of those ugly past? I will say no,” stated the Bomi County lawmaker.

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