MoneyGram Invests In Liberia - Hosts Intensive Training Conference for its Partners

MoneyGram Invests In Liberia - Hosts Intensive Training Conference for its Partners

MoneyGram, a leading remittance organization, held a conference for its agents in Liberia recently. The conference took place in Monrovia.

The conference saw training modules for Liberian tellers on new aspects of the MoneyGram system and further equipped them with skills to ensure heighted compliance.

Speaking on the sidelines of the conference, Mr. Leslie Akraka, the business development manager for MoneyGram in the - Anglophone West Africa region, noted: “We are proud of our business in Liberia. We can confidently say we offer an excellent remittance service to and from Liberia. For instance, today, any Liberian in the US can send money to their loved ones in Liberia at affordable fees from any Walmart or cvs in the USA. They can also do this online from the USA or use the MoneyGram app.”

MoneyGram is a leading remittance company globally and in Liberia. MoneyGram services are available in Liberia from Access Bank, Afriland Bank, Ecobank, Global Bank, GN Bank, Guarantee Trust Bank (GT Bank), International Bank (IB), Liberia Bank for Development and Investment (LBDI) & United Bank for Africa (UBA).

More than that, the occasion, which was held at one of Liberia’s newest sensational hotels, Boulevard Palace, also featured a colourful award ceremony to recognize and appreciate tellers who were outstanding in performing MoneyGram services at the various agent bank locations in Liberia.
Mr. Akraka said though the agent banks are key components of implementing MoneyGram services, tellers working within the domain of those agents were the direct links for “MoneyGram to score goals in Liberia.”

Tellers awarded during the program include: Beatrice Kromah– Overall Top Transacting MoneyGram Front Line Agent in Liberia (International Bank (IB); Claudius Holder –Top Transacting Agent (LBDI); Emmanuel Jah–Top Transacting Agent (Access Bank).

Others are: Princess Colnoe–Top Transacting Agent (Ecobank); Abigail Youlo–Top Transacting Agent (GN-Bank); Esther Karwtee–Top Transacting Agent (Global Bank). The rest are Sonnie Togba–Top Transacting Agent (UBA); Diana Williams–Top Transacting Agent (Guaranty Trust Bank) and Josephine Kaifa–Top Transacting Agent (Afriland First Bank).

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