Orange-Liberia Subscribers Walk Away With Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars In Cash Prizes

Orange-Liberia Subscribers Walk Away With Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars In Cash Prizes

Orange- Liberia subscribers are enjoying the very early arrival of the Christmas season as they benefit from daily and weekly prizes in the company’s new Orange Money Christmas Zagga Reloaded promotion.  The Chief Marketing Officer for Orange Liberia Mr. Noel Chateau says the company will give away 7.5 million Liberian dollars till the first week of December through the Orange Money Christmas Zagga Reloaded Promotion which will be followed by new amazing gifts through the 2019/2020 National County Sports Meet that Orange is sponsoring.

Mr. Chateau says the company prides itself for creating or linking to groundbreaking promotions and sponsorships, which have a positive impact on the lives of its subscribers.  Since its entry into the Liberian telecommunications sphere, Orange has always publicly given away its prizes as proof of authenticity. As the Orange Money Christmas Zagga Reloaded goes on, Orange Liberia already gave away combined cash prizes over one million Liberian dollars to the two first weekly winners.

The first weekly cash prize of 6210,822 Liberia Dollar was won and received by Mr. Ernest Gohn of the Brewerville Community in Monrovia, Montserrado County, on Wednesday October 24.  The second weekly prize of 537,383 Liberian Dollar was won and received by Mr. Sailay F. Duanah from Cotton Tree, Margibi County. Both had their prizes presented to him at their home by a team of Orange employees and witnessed by independent journalists, following by the transfer of the cash on their Orange Money wallet.  

The Orange Money Christmas Zagga promotion was first introduced in 2018 and is now being run in its second year under the title: Orange Money Christmas Zagga Reloaded.  Through the promotion, one winner is selected daily and on Saturdays the five winners from the week are taken to a Harbel Supermarket branch to participate in the weekly cart race, which allows the winners to fill their shopping cart with whatever they can get their hands on in one minute.  The participant in whose shopping cart value is closest to a total of US$300 wins the cash prize which, is ten times the value of the products in their cart, paid in Liberia Dollar on his/her Orange Money wallet.

Speaking at the launch  Mr. Aaron Glay, Mobile Sales Manager for Orange Liberia explained: “each of the winners of the daily prize will be taken to Harbel Supermarket, where they will have one minute to race through the supermarket filling their carts with whatever they desire, and we will pay for it.”    He revealed that each week, the winner who had a shopping cart value the closest to $300 United States Dollars in the designated time frame would also win a cash prize ten times the value of whatever products they had accumulated in their cart.    “So every week, on the top of the five winners in the cart race, one person will also win a cash prize which is ten times the value of what they collected in their cart,” said Glay who pointed out that the cash prize would be presented symbolically at the home of the winner on the following Wednesday and then the physical cash would be transferred to them via Orange Money.

Receiving the cash prize, which was delivered to his home by a team of Orange Liberia employees and independent journalists, an emotional Mr. Gohn, expressed thanks and gratitude to the the management of Orange Liberia for the promotion.  “Even though I have never won before, but the one thing I know is that Orange is always, always creating promotions that help Liberians and bring a smile to our faces,” said Mr. Gohn. He went on to say: “I want to thank Orange for giving me this opportunity. It was so amazing to me to win a full shopping cart, and then this cash.  I am so excited, I don’t know what to do!”

The Orange Money Christmas Zagga Reloaded promotion was launched mid October and fifteen lucky winners have already benefited from it. Orange Liberia says that there will be a new daily shopping spree winner and a weekly cash prize winner until the first December.   Customers who want to participate simply need to use Orange Money for any transaction in the past seven days and recharge $1 any day to be automatically entered into the raffle.  The promotion is valid for the whole country and that winners are simply selected randomly from those eligible.

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