Rep. Jonathan Fonati Kofa Rep. Jonathan Fonati Kofa

Grand Kru Lawmaker Speaks On Several National Issues  - Protests, Others Insight

Grand Kru County Electoral District#2 Representative, Jonathan Fonati Kofa, has condemned the growing wave of violence, especially continued protests in the country, which he averred, are being manipulated by some opposition politicians who have no alternative to project.

In a chat with legislative reporters on Tuesday, 22 October 2019 at the Capitol-seat of the Liberian Legislature, Cllr. Kofa asserted that these negative developments do more harm than good to the country that is already economically challenged.

He observed that instead of positive engagements, Liberians have developed a protest mentality that does not provide any solution to the country’s growing challenges.

"Oppositions are criticizing, but they are not preferring any solution. Some of us were in the opposition. I was the Chairman of the Liberty Party, but I didn't just criticize without providing an alternative," he stated.

Making specific reference to the recent protest by students of the Monrovia Consolidated School System (MCSS), the Grand Kru lawmaker explained that the lives of innocent kids were endangered for the sake of some politicians to score political grades.

"If you think you can remove George Weah through protest, if you win state power people will protest against you too because that's the precedence you have set. When you do these we can’t achieve anything good because investor look for stable environment," the Liberian politician stated.

Rep. Kofa, who spoke on wide range of national issues, expressed serious frustration why Liberians hailed Montserrado County Senator, Darius Dillon, for "exposing" salary of lawmakers.

He maintained that the salary and benefits of lawmakers have never been a secret owing to the fact that is captured within the National Budget, which is a public document.

He called on Liberian journalists, especially legislative reporters to provide education to the public on these sensitive national issues.

"Public policy is not about sentiment; it’s about research and you; journalists, need to know this. Do not let sentiment to push any story you put out there,” the Grand Kru District 2 lawmaker pointed out.

On the issue of the recent salary harmonization, Rep. Kofa indicated that the process has not been fair to rural lawmakers, who do everything from their pockets to carry out development initiatives.

“There is no means for development. Everything is sponsored from our pocket as there is no district development or legislative projects for some times now. I have been advocating for US$150,000 in the budget for Sass Town Public School, but this has not been possible,” intoned Rep. Kofa, who is currently embarking on the construction of three schools in his district worth US$48,000 each.

“The fuel and gasoline I used to received were used to supply generator at one of the hospitals in the county, where doctors used Chinese lights to conduct operations,” he revealed.

At the same time, the Grand Kru County Electoral District#2 Representative has provided some legal knowledge to the establishment of the much-publicized and most debated war and economic crimes court in the country.

He argued that the country currently does not have the infrastructure and capacity for the establishment of the court, and as such, there should proper infrastructure put in place and capacity built before said court can be established.

According to him, unlike the international criminal court that tried former President Charles Taylor, it would be a difficult and a prolonged process to try alleged perpetrators of war here.

“Except in a case where a referendum is passed where the Supreme Court does not have appellant jurisdiction over those cases, we will not have a smooth process,” the renowned Liberian lawyer pointed out.

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