L-R: Controversial Deputy Defense Minister for Operations-Designate and President George Weah L-R: Controversial Deputy Defense Minister for Operations-Designate and President George Weah

Liberians On Weah’s Back - Want Tarplah Davies’ Appointment Withdrawn Featured

Scores of Liberians have heavily criticized President George Manneh Weah for appointing Mr. Tarplah Z. Davies “alias” Zoe- Zoely as Deputy Defense Minister for Operations.

Though the Liberians acknowledged that President Weah has the constitutional right to do so, they described the appointment of Mr. Tarplah Z. Davies as Deputy Defense Minister for Operations as a complete “misstep”.

Mr. Tarplah Z. Davies was among several persons appointed by President Weah recently to key positions in government. However, the appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate where applicable.

In a vox pop interview with the Heritage on Monday, October 21, 2019, the angry citizens said it is to their utmost dismay for the Liberian leader to appoint a man who, according to them, threatened to kill anyone who will destroy his property in the name of protesting in Liberia.

In his live social media video post prior to his appointment, Zoe-Zoely as he is popularly called, stated that the symbol of everything he has worked for is in Liberia, “and I told people, anyone tries my property, I will kill them. I have said it and I will continue to say it openly”. He warned.

Some concerned Liberians consider the threat by Zoe-Zoely as “unacceptable”.

The threat, they averred, is not only condemnable but needs a strong action taken by the government against such individual. They wondered why will President Weah appoint such a person who openly threatened to kill his own people who he should be serving.

It can be recalled that recently, Zoe-Zoely took to the social media, warning those who are planning a protest calling for President Weah to step down to desist from such plan. According to him, their motive is evil and it is as well intended to loot, thereby destroying properties in Liberia including his.

He added that the planned protest is also meant to send a very wrong and ugly signal about Liberia to the globe, something he described as “unacceptable”. However, the concerned Liberians are urging the Chief Executive to reconsider his recent appointment of Zoe-Zoely by withdrawing it in the interest of peace.

“We are living in fear now, why if we don’t destroy his home but accidentally it gets damaged as a result of fire, will he still kill us as well?, Is Liberia a lawless country now where people can just come and kill people because they criticize government or protest which is a constitutional thing to do as a peaceful citizen,” the citizens, among others, asserted.

They also alleged and argued that the Deputy Defense for Operations-designate holds a US citizenship, and therefore, he can’t occupy said key position in government, a claim he is yet to comment on.

Moreover, they encouraged President Weah, who is also the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia(AFL)to read some of the government related statues and seek more consultations before making some appointments in government in order to save the face of the presidency.

On the other hand, they praised the Liberian leader for been a listening president, and therefore, they indicated that it is now time for him to again listen to his people and do the right thing by withdrawing Tarplah Davies’ appointment.
The appointment of Tarpleh Davies is the third so far under the Weah led-Government that has been heavily criticized by the Liberian people.
Though the President has made the nomination or appointment of Tarpleh Davies as Deputy Minister for Operations at the Ministry of National Defense, the ball is now in the coat of the Liberian Senate to do due diligence during confirmation hearing, especially looking at the ongoing debate surrounding his appointment.

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