AS Orange-Liberia Launches Major New Christmas Campaign: 7.5M Liberia Dollars In Prizes Up For Grabs

AS Orange-Liberia Launches Major New Christmas Campaign: 7.5M Liberia Dollars In Prizes Up For Grabs

Orange- Liberia has announced the 2019 launch of its Christmas giveaway promotion for the third year in the row. The promotion which was called the Zagga Christmas campaign in 2018 is being called the Orange Money Zagga Christmas Reloaded campaign this year.

The promotion was announced earlier this week at a major press conference held at Orange Liberia’s head office on Capital Bypass.

Orange Liberia’s Media Relations Manager Noosevett Weah referred to the 2019 promotion as one of the company’s biggest promotions to date and stated that it was geared at getting Orange subscribers in an early Christmas mode.   “No other company is able to start Christmas in October,” said Ms. Weah. 

Similar to the 2018 edition, this year, the Zagga promotion will give lucky winners the chance to participate in a shopping cart race/shopping spree at the Harbel Supermarket with the twist of a weekly cash prize winner who will in addition to his/her free shopping cart, will win ten times the value of their shopping cart. 

Aaron Glay, Mobile sales manager for Orange Liberia explained that through the promotion, a new winner would be announced every day and the five weekly winners would assemble at a designated Harbel Supermarket for the weekly cart race.   Mr. Glay explained: “each of the winners of the daily prize will be taken to Harbel Supermarket, where they will have one minute to race through the supermarket filling their carts with whatever they desire, and we will pay for it.” 

He revealed that each week, the winner who had a shopping cart value the closest to $300 United States Dollars in the designated time frame would also win a cash prize ten times the value of whatever products they had accumulated in their cart. 

“So every week, on the top of the five winners in the cart race; one person will also win a cash prize which is ten times the value of what they collected in their cart,” said Glay who pointed out that the cash prize would be presented symbolically at the home of the winner on the following Wednesday and then the physical cash would be transferred to them via Orange Money.

Mr. Glay and Ms. Weah highlighted that to enter the competition, Orange Liberia subscribers simply had to have an OrangeMoney account; recharge $1 any day and perform any Orange Money transaction in the past 7 days to be entered into the raffle. 

Mr. Glay added that the promotion is valid for the whole country and that winners are simply selected randomly from those elligible. “This is such an exciting and unbelievable promotion, which will benefit so many people and bring joy to so many families ahead of the Christmas festivities and that is why we call it zagga, which in our society is has the positive meaning of something that is so good that its crazy,” Mr. Glay concluded.

The first winner of the daily shopping spree is Mr. Abdel Kenneah, a resident of Monrovia, who was announced at the press conference.    Ms. Weah said subsequent winners would be called between on mornings every day from a different radio station and all winners would participate in the shopping spree every Saturday at 12 PM at a revolving Harbel Supermarket location. 

Ms. Weah cautioned customers to be aware of scam artists and noted that Orange Liberia would only call prize winners from the telephone number: 0778111222.   “Not only will we call you from only this number, but we will never ask you to give us anything to claim your prize,” Ms. Weah admonished.

The Zagga promotion is already underway and the first weekly shopping cart race will take place on Saturday.

The competition begins this week and is expected to continue until December.

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