Mr. Mohammed V. Kamara At The Conference Mr. Mohammed V. Kamara At The Conference

Agricultural Expert Explains Prospect On Post-Harvest Waste Management

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Agriculture and Infrastructure Investment Company (AIIC) and President of the National Rice Federation of Liberia (NRFL) has described his recent participation in the All African Post-Harvest Congress and Exhibition held at the Headquarters of African Union in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as fruitful.

Mr. Mohammed V. Kamara in an exclusive interview with reporters said he saw it prudent to participate in the process because it was in line with Liberia's scope of work in the agriculture sector.  Kamara elaborated that the conference, held from the 17 to 20 of September, focused on post-harvest and was supported by Head of States of Africa due to the significance the Malabo Declaration.

“If you look at our country, Liberia now, almost 40 to 50% of our investment is on post-harvest loses and waste so we are going to work hand in hand with women and youth in the agriculture sector so that they can be empowered to improve in the area of self-reliance in order for them to help reduce post-harvest losses,” Kamara stated.

He emphasized that 80% of African depends on agriculture, therefore it is incumbent on all African governments to address agricultural issues for peaceful co-existence.

This, Kamara asserted that it was established that 40% of post-harvest losses in Africa be reduced to an appreciable level in 2025.

“In view of the above, some challenges were highlighted such as, inadequate farm to make roads, poor infrastructure and coaching (training) and it was glaringly stated that food loss and waste is a global challenge of epic proportions because approximately, one third of all food production in the world is lost or waste.” he mentioned.

Kamara highlighted that the opportunities that they await as members of the Post-Harvest Congress and Exhibition were also discussed.

Given the scale of the greenhouse gas impact of food loss and waste, the AIIC boss disclosed that members of the African Union (AU) agreed to include measures to reduce food loss and waste in their Nationally Determined Contribution to the Paris Agreement on climate change
He said those measures would include policies, programs, practices, and technologies that reduce food loss on the farm during storage and distribution in the market and the homes.

He explained that benefit of post-harvest loss were critically analyzed during the meeting due to the the high rate of food loss and waste in Africa.

Mr. Kamara continued that wasting less would help feed more people in Africa, stressing that reduction can alleviate pressure on Africa’s water and land resources. “Fundamentally reducing food loss and Waste is simply the right thing to do, and this was a recommendation to the African Union,” he indicated.
“I asserted that some crops are vital for the economic growth of Liberia in consonance with the Pro-Poor Agriculture Agenda for Prosperity and Development. I also discussed with several potential business people in the agriculture sector who registered their unweaving interest to do business in Liberia,” the AIIC CEO revealed.

“A company like BUHLER expressed in interest to come and partner with government through the Ministry of Agriculture based upon invitation from the government for possible investment,” Kamara among other things added.

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